Creating a Portal to Success

How ACTUM Digital helped revolutionise Dormer
Pramet's B2B sales

Dormer Pramet


Dormer Pramet

With over 2,400 employees servicing more than 100 markets and backed by over 150 years of experience, Dormer Pramet are one of the world's leading suppliers of metal cutting tools with a completely global reach thanks to their sophisticated distribution network.


Dormer Pramet was looking to largely improve the Customer Experience beyond outdated e-procurement portals scattered around the globe.

Ongoing migration project to a new ERP solution brought further complexity to the project.

Timing was a decisive factor, first 8 markets had to be launched within 4 months and 24 more markets in the following 4 months.


DP came into the partnership with ACTUM Digital with a very clear concept as to what they wanted from the relationship.

As part of their long-term business strategy, DP needed a truly up-scalable solution that would “consumerise” their online B2B sales.

As such, the portal needed to offer an unparalleled user experience whilst also acting as a vehicle through which additional value-added services could be offered to their tens of thousands of customers all across the world.

The biggest challenge was to have the solution live within 5 months from the start of the project.


The portal initially launched at the start of 2022 in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Germany and Turkey offering a massively improved user experience.

With the continued support of ACTUM, DP has been able to roll out the portal in new territories at a breakneck pace without any issues as it was specifically designed with rapid up-scaling capabilities.

This has given them the ability to react immediately to market changes anywhere in the world with complete confidence.



After extensive consultation with DP, ACTUM completely revamped DP's existing e-shop using a cloud solution based on the SAP Commerce Cloud platform.

This choice of technology meant that DP would have total control over the management of their web content in the future whilst also offering an online portal that maximised ease-of-use for both DP and their customers.

Furthermore, the use of SAP Commerce allowed ACTUM to pursue a rapid development policy that meant the portal was released, fully fledged, in a little over 3 months.

This allowed DP to start seeing a return on their investment as soon as possible.

Dormer Pramet

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“Our first unsuccessful attempt at an online portal cost us three years of our lives, but with ACTUM Digital's help we had a fully functional solution ready to go live within five months.”
Marek Černý, IT director, Dormer Pramet


Months to go live


Country-specific e-shops launched in phase 2


Orders made on the first day


SAP 2022 Quality Awards for Customer Success CEE: Grand Winner in the “Rapid Time to Value” category

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