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Unlocking the full power of e-commerce with Bloomreach

With a number of certifications and years of experience, Actum’s work with Bloomreach Experience and Exponea provides clients with trusted data, CMS and e-commerce solutions that increase customer knowledge and drive sales.


Bloomreach Exponea

Mining data for marketing gold


In a world where data volumes and touchpoints are increasing all the time, companies need a reliable system to gather and analyze that data to increase marketing effectiveness. Bloomreach Exponea offers a real-time customer data platform to track performance and identify key areas and customers to maximize revenue.

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Two platforms, one complete solution

With its recent acquisition of Exponea, Bloomreach now offers a strong combination of customer analysis and a versatile CMS for e-commerce. Together they deliver an online sales and marketing solution that optimizes campaigns and boosts results.

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Bloomreach Experience

A highly adaptable headless content management system that integrates easily with third party e-commerce engines for powerful online retail that grows alongside your company.

Bloomreach Experience

Bloomreach Exponea

Stay one step ahead of your customers with this leading data and experience platform. Able to gather data from numerous touchpoints and track customer behavior in real time, Exponea delivers key insights to optimize campaign performance.

Bloomreach Exponea

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