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Discover the power of content hubs and a future-proof CLM strategy

For content to work effectively, it needs to be stored, maintained and distributed using a highly efficient content management system. We build and run content hubs for some of the world’s most complex organisations with the most demanding of needs.

Content hub for enterprise websites

Large successful enterprises rely on efficient content hubs to provide a solid base for all their websites and mobile apps. They also benefit from the in-built tools designed for the management, updating and auditing of content. Modular and granular content models offer the flexibility to personalise local content without threatening brand consistency, while workflow automation enables you to deliver content at scale with ease.

Content hub for marketers

Manage all your assets in an efficient content hub and scrap rigid workflows that can slow you down. Digital asset management allows you to control a huge volume of content and always find what you need. Our long-standing relationship with Sitecore also means that we can offer the latest content technology at a cost-effective price.

Content hub for knowledge systems

Content hubs are a powerful tool for all your internal documents, with teams able to access the right version of an operational manual in no time and in their preferred language. With an effective content hub, non-compliance is non-existent if old or inconsistent messaging is still present, while content governance is painless and reliable.

Teams for content creation and management

Alternatively, we can just run your content for you. We can create, update and oversee your content, looking after all the processes, systems and admin involved in maintaining an efficient content hub. Our teams can provide the expertise and the talent for every aspect of content preparation, migration and distribution, so you don’t have to.

BMW car

Case study

Driving BMW towards content efficiency

BMW car

Find out how we helped the global automotive brand introduce a new content management system to organize a vast range of content, making it easily accessible to their entire workforce.

White Paper

Content: From Crisis to Confidence


Learn how effective content management can transform the creation, storage and distribution of content for swift and agile operation.

Actum's Content Barometer survey

Survey on content maturity

Content Barometer Survey

Actum's Content Barometer survey

Find out how much advanced you are in content operations.


Key benefits


Implementing a content operations strategy offers a number of key benefits, including increased efficiency, quicker response times and faster workflows.

Increased efficiency

All aspects of your current content processes will be made quicker and require less effort.

Lower costs

Automation and organisation reduces the costs involved with the generation and maintenance of your content.

Faster response times

An expertly built content hub will speed up your processes and workflows, from creation to distribution.

Less content errors

More automation reduces the risk of costly mistakes as content is developed.

Platform agnostic

Content hubs can be accessed on all digital platforms on all devices.

Rapid content turnaround

As your content develops, your content lifecycle management system will stay on top of it, keeping track of changes and driving it to completion.

360-degree visibility

Having all your content stored in one place gives you complete control over all your assets.

Modular solution

Content hubs can be modified to add more space and extra functions through a range of readily available tools.

Clients that used this service

Office building


The international specialty glass manufacturer needed a reliable content management system that would enable their global workforce to access a wide variety of marketing and sales content.

Allianz GI

Allianz Global Investors

We helped the global investment management firm localise their content marketing operations across multiple digital channels, outsourcing content editing and analytics.

“Our cooperation with ACTUM over the past two years has been very productive and successful. Today we have a solid basis of accurate data supported by numerous dashboards, ad hoc reporting, and data automation.”
Tsvetelina Alexieva, Assistant Vice President Digital Marketing, Allianz Global Investors GmbH

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Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner and MVP 2014 - 2020
Kentico Gold Partner and Quality Expert
Microsoft Gold Implementation Partner

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