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About Sitecore Personalize

Every customer interaction matters

Sitecore Personalize is a powerful tool that enables your organisation to deliver personalized experiences to your customers across different channels and touchpoints. Get ahead of your competition and start personalizing in real-time!

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Sitecore Personalize is the ultimate solution for creating relevant and memorable customer journeys that drive results.

Key Features

With Sitecore Personalize, you can not only increase customer satisfaction, engagement, and retention, but also:

Relevant Content

Boost your revenue and ROI by delivering relevant content and timely offers that match your customers' needs and interests.

Marketing insights

Gain insights into your customers' behavior and preferences and use them to improve your marketing strategies.

Automated processes

Save time and resources by automating and streamlining your personalization processes.

Brand Loyalty

Enhance your brand reputation and loyalty by creating consistent and memorable customer journeys across all touchpoints.

Audience segmentation

Segment your audience based on their behavior, preferences, and context. Use live data to show discounts and tailored experiences in real-time.

Omnichannel experiences

Balance customer needs and business priorities to recommend next-best-actions. Increase conversions and engagement on all your digital channels. 

A/B Testing

Test and optimize your personalization strategies to maximize conversions and loyalty. Experiment by showing different content on the page and analyze the results. 

Powerful Analytics

Analyze and measure the impact of personalization on your business goals. Increase your revenue and customer engagement.

Sitecore Engagement Cloud: Updates in Sitecore Personalize

Personalize capabilities

Full-stack personalization

Sitecore recently introduced seamless integration of Sitecore Personalize (full-stack personalization and A/B testing platform) with Sitecore XM Cloud (modern, flexible content experience platform). This powerful combination makes creation and deployment of digital experience - fast, secure and scalable. Leverage the data and insights from your content and customer interactions to optimize your marketing campaigns and increase conversions.

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Sitecore Cloud Portal

Sitecore CDP and Personalize have integrated their platforms into the Sitecore Cloud Portal, enhancing the user experience and delivering advantages such as consistent role management and robust multi-factor authentication. Both Sitecore platforms are accessible from Sitecore Cloud Portal.

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Real-time targeting

Conditions is a powerful feature that lets marketers create personalized experiences for their visitors based on real-time criteria such as location and device. With Conditions, you can tailor your content and offers to match the preferences and needs of your audience, without writing any code. Conditions is part of the XM Cloud + Personalize license.

Increase Customer engagement with Sitecore Personalize

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