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Sitecore OrderCloud enables organizations to build, manage and optimize their B2B and B2C e-commerce experiences. It's a perfect tool that supports various business models and uses cases, such as order management, enterprise marketplace, e-shops, replacement part ordering, and many others. Aside from many features available out of the box, it offers nearly limitless customizations and freedom for growth.

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Sitecore Customer OrderCloud supports both simple and complex e-commerce solutions and business cases.

Key Features

Sitecore OrderCloud is a headless, API-first and cloud-native platform. The scalable solution enables its customers to control their order management and marketplace solutions. It enables you to:

Trendy platform

OrderCloud is innovative, constantly evolving and improving to meet the changing demands and expectations of the e-commerce market. Build custom storefronts and marketplaces that suit your brand and business needs.

Connecting your data

Integrate the composable solution with any system or service using flexible APIs and webhooks. The data-driven platform will optimize your e-commerce strategy and performance using analytics and insights.

Real-time personalization

Using efficient features such as personalization, search, promotions, and analytics makes the platform super-sophisticated.  And what if we tell you that it can personalize the offer in real-time?

Scalable & secure

Scale your business with high performance, security, and reliability. Ensure that your data and transactions are protected from unauthorized access and cyberattacks.

King of e-commerce

OrderCloud supports various third-party applications and services that will enhance your company's e-commerce capabilities.

Better Customer Experience

The fast and efficient platform delivers high-performance and low-latency experiences to your customers and users.

Omnichannel experience

Leveraging omnichannel and responsiveness, Sitecore OrderCloud enables you to engage with your customers across multiple devices and platforms.


It is user-friendly and intuitive, providing easy-to-use tools and interfaces for both developers and marketers. Simply: What you see is what you get.

Hottest features recently introduced in OrderCloud

Sitecore Order Cloud

Inventory under control

Sitecore OrderCloud allows you to limit inventory according to geography, customer types, roles and departments. You can choose a particular group of users that you will assign the inventory to. Limiting inventory has previously been way more complicated, and the new feature brings more flexibility.

Sitecore Order Cloud

Subscriptions management

You can manage subscriptions for regular purchases of products or services directly in OrderCloud. On top of that the platform allows you to support recurring orders and offer special pricing to these interesting orders.

Sitecore Order Cloud

Shareable Product Collections

One of the features of Sitecore OrderCloud is creating Product Collections. While browsing on your e-shop, buyers will be able to save their favourite products in a list that is either private or shareable. The Product list can be shared with other buyers who can change it as they see fit.

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Sitecore OrderCloud is the best choice for your e-commerce requirements and needs. Reach out to us today and get started with Sitecore OrderCloud.

omnichannel digital experience

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