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SAP Commerce Cloud and ACTUM Digital

Proven commerce platform for any business model

SAP Commerce Cloud provides a robust, reliable e-commerce platform that encourages loyalty and drives growth. Are you an enterprise looking for an all-in-one digital commerce platform that can handle complex enterprise requirements? SAP Commerce Cloud gives you business agility, customisability, experience management (content), sales across many geographies and channels while supporting B2B and B2C business models.

Actum clients with SAP solution

There are many benefits to an expertly constructed e-commerce platform. 

Here are just a few advantages

Everywhere Commerce

Acquire core digital commerce capabilities to engage and transact with your customers across all channels.

Decoupled JavaScript storefront

Create engaging progressive Web app (PWA) storefronts to deliver the best possible experience on every device or location.

Powerful search capabilities

Help your customers find what they're looking for and promote the right products with powerful search capabilities.

Flexible built-in promotion

Drive your sales and conversions with flexible built-in promotion capabilities.

Plug-and-play integration

Use plug-and-play integration to deliver a scalable shopping cart and checkout experience with payment services and tax management.

Product Content Management

Present the right products to the right customers at the right time with engaging details that drive conversion.

Experience Management

Design and manage a highly personalised commerce experience that drives conversion.

Order Management

Deliver a true omnichannel buying experience by enabling customers to fulfil orders and make returns anywhere, anytime.

Case study

Our SAP solution for Dormer Pramet

Dormer Pramet e-commerce

We built a robust e-commerce solution based on SAP Commerce - 9 markets in 8 languages in only 3.5 month of development.

Dormer Pramet e-commerce
"Dormer Pramet acts in a market segment where the online communication is essential. Having a new e-commerce portal, albeit in a basic setting so far, is therefore a must. We believe that the choice of SAP Commerce Cloud platform, which aligns with our IT environment strategy, as well as the experience of our partner ACTUM Digital, largely contributed to the speed of implementation."

Marek Černý, IT Director, Dormer Pramet

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