ACTUM Digital Center of Excellence for Google Cloud

What is Center of Excellence [COE]?

The main goal is to create a knowledge hub around the Google Cloud Platform. We can't build it alone only and we're looking for partners which can help us to extend the expertise and also we will welcome everyone from companies of all sizes to join us as we can provide them with our services or recommend the best partner to go with to solve the problem. 

The story behind it

2020 makes it visible for the majority of companies and public institutions, that there is a necessity for fast digitization and digital transformation. One of the key technology drivers for that is the cloud. However in a situation when over 70 % of companies are still on-premise and Education (high school, university, companies internal training) in Central Europe & DACH don't produce enough Cloud experts. There is a huge lack of cloud experts for reasonable salary one of the key challenges for companies to move fast in the cloud or to start building new cloud applications, we call this guys a new generation of developers because Cloud is their daily bread.

Similar problems have new startups which have maybe great ideas for new revolutionary products, but they do not have enough developers to make fast development. In case there are some cloud experts for reasonable money available on the Central European Market, then mostly with AWS expertise. For this reason, ACTUM Digital decided to create in own modern offices in Prague ā€œACTUM Digital Center of Excellence for Google Cloudā€ where new cloud developers can be trained, where startups can easily and fast start to work on their product and where there will be a community of people which can share their learnings & experience around GCP.

This initiative is supported by Google Cloud Czech Republic and we can connect you directly with product managers responsible for discussed topics or other highly specialized people to give you answer to almost any question regarding GCP.

The focus will be not only on Cloud developers but also on Big Data specialists. Additional of that ecosystem of companies around this Centrum of Excellence should be established for organizing events and activities around solving technology challenges in their companies or using their software in connection with GCP.

In the first step, Actum already started to work in 2020 with Conrad Electronic to create a team in Prague of 50 technology experts working with Google Technologies on the development Conrad European B2B Sourcing Platform (more details around Conrad Platform Strategy on


20+Trainings done
3+Partners involved


Tech Community Events

The new Center of Excellence is a community with a central location by ACTUM Digital in Holesovice, Prague. We do have a nice space that can be used for community events connected to Cloud, Digitalisation, and similar topics. If you're looking for a place, cooperation or speakers hit us up on, and let's work together!

We already participated in multiple events as speakers, especially regarding Serverless and LowOps topics. We also co-host rooms on a popular network Club House called Cloud Native for engineers or Czech Tech Leaders focused on scaling startups from a technology point of view. 

Executive events

As much as we love to support our technology communities we are also working with the executives in the companies. At those event's we don't speak technical, we talk business. For example webinars about how the cloud can help your company to accelerate growth, how to reduce costs, or how to manage change to get to the cloud faster.

Training for developers

Through the COE we as ACTUM Digital are providing tailor-made training for companies that want to learn. Our focus is on infrastructure and topics around development namely - Kubernetes, NoOps, Serverless, Cloud-Native application development, etc. For the future, we're preparing also training for data experts and analytics to help them gain the best from GCP.


Do you have an idea of how to make the COE a better place for everyone? Send them at and we will get back to you.



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