Recommendation Engine

Improve unique and memorable customer experience

What’s it about

Enhance your online sales channel

Improve customer experience, simplify customer buying decision, increase the importance of the brand in customer life, boost revenue and CTR.

Key benefits


Google Recommendation Engine is a fully managed service that provides personalized recommendation of products with a high probability of customer engagement.


Individualized attention drives emotional connection

Omni device

Fully optimized experience across all platforms


Filtered navigation and organized searchable online inventory

Safe and secure

Google's global presence and security measures keep your data safe

Fully managed service

API based service no need to worry about maintaining the infrastructure

Pay per use model

No risk of commitment to subscription of the service

Google Cloud platform

GCP open many other possibilities for your business


Start small and scale up

Google power

The best AI working for you


The ultimate challenge of a good recommendation engine is the amount of data used for creating recommendation. Google is leveraging an unrivaled experience with its own use of recommendation engine e.g. on YouTube. Now, you can benefit from the same algorithms yourself.


Proven competence


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