Ebook: 4 Steps to Perfect Online Product Marketing

Today's manufacturers face many challenges that require them to adapt and innovate to thrive.

The lingering effects of the pandemic have disrupted supply chains and caused labor shortages while shifting consumer habits and preferences have necessitated a departure from "business as usual." Manufacturers are now compelled to find new ways to meet market demands and drive growth.

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Manufacturing marketers are expected to do more with less 

With budget constraints and limited manpower, they are compelled to find cost-effective solutions that yield maximum results. Many marketers are now turning to product information management (PIM) solutions as a strategic investment to effectively handle the ever-growing volume of product information and assets across various sales channels. These robust systems enable centralized control, streamline processes, and enhance collaboration, empowering businesses to stay competitive in the digital age. 

Alternatively, some marketers are focused on seizing market opportunities by establishing their own commerce sites. However, there are those who remain cautious and prefer to rely on familiar methods such as spreadsheets and emails. While this approach may seem cost-effective in the short term, it can impede long-term growth and scalability.

The pivotal question

The pivotal question that arises is how businesses can strike a balance between the need for cost-effective solutions and the imperative to invest in new technology. In this ebook, we address this crucial question and guide you through four essential steps in evaluating your product marketing strategy. These steps will help you ask the right questions and make informed decisions regarding which digital transformation path to choose.

Discover whether a cutting-edge marketing platform can be the key to delivering products to customers faster, on a larger scale, and with minimal resources. Explore how the combination of PIM and ecommerce, implemented in either order but ultimately working together, can form the powerful alliance necessary to generate substantial online revenue. Our Ebook uncovers the answers. 

4 Steps to Perfect Online Product Marketing

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