All developers aboard!

The Adecco Group leveraged ACTUM experience to decrease time to market




Services Involved

Shared Team Delivery model
Gradual onboarding framework
Enterprise Agility

Technologies Involved

Sitecore XP
Sitecore SXA
Microsoft Azure


A staffing agency with a more than human approach 

The Adecco Group is the world's leading talent advisory and solutions company. The Adecco Group has broad experience with the Sitecore Experience Platform. However, the organization faced a challenge with building its own dedicated development team that would be able to work with the newest Sitecore versions, including working with the Sitecore Experience Accelerator.

A perfect fit

ACTUM built a flexible and scalable team to ensure smooth cooperation from day 1. Right from the start, the Adecco Group developers were progressively onboarded to the existing project and gradually replaced ACTUM supplied developers. Sitecore's own Technical Account team collaborated closely with the Adecco Group's IT team, further establishing adopted architectural concepts.

Knowledge takeover

The ACTUM team needed to build a future-proof foundation, including agreed standards, all while gradually onboarding new Adecco Group developers. As part of the developer onboarding, the ACTUM team shared both the knowledge and needed competencies while enabling the Adecco Group team to become autonomous and fully capable of carrying the future development on its own.

Knowledge transfer completed

The Solution


Based on thoroughly assessing the Adecco Group's needs, a road map was created. Professionals from ACTUM created the project foundation and codified the standards together with agile ways of working. A tailor-made program to gradually onboard the Adecco Group's own internal team was developed. The program contained both theoretical knowledge and gave the team the opportunity to drive and complete tasks in actual practice, ensuring the transition of tacit knowledgeSelected team members from ACTUM remain as Knowledge Agents available to help the Adecco Group creating further economies of scale due to the specialization of these individuals and scarcity of talent.


What were the outcomes?


With support from Actum, the Adecco Group is capable of continuously delivering development excellence that is standardized, sustainable, and easily extendable. This has resulted in significantly decreased cost of development due to fewer dependencies on external vendors. Highly specialized talent continues to be available to the Adecco Group to assist with critical architectural decisions, edge cases, and enable the team to stay in touch with the latest innovations.

“The Actum team has been fantastic - super engaged and proactive in finding the right solutions and acting on direct feedback. I really like the open atmosphere and collaboration of the team. On a personal note, I really enjoy working with all of them.”
Timothy Miller, Product Delivery Lead at Adecco Group

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