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Making data insights accessible and understandable.

What’s it about

Adapt, innovate, and excel by leveraging data insights

In the face of rapid change, organizations need to embrace novel strategies for adaptation. We leverage the capabilities of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence to guide organizations through their transformation, helping them to innovate and excel in these changing times.


Benefits of AI & Data services delivered by ACTUM Digital

By choosing us you will reap many benefits. Here are just a few.

Experienced team

With over 26 years of consulting experience, highly skilled & certified solution architects, and industry know-how, we deliver end-to-end future-facing solutions.

Top industry standards

We use cutting-edge technologies together with best industry practices to provide strategic insights, roadmaps, and advanced solutions to our clients.

Client-centric approach

Our services are customized to meet and exceed each client's specific needs, focusing on client satisfaction and delivering impactful results for their business.

Featured Services

AI & Data Strategy

We help companies understand their current data analytics maturity, provide market benchmarks, and uncover areas of opportunity for further growth in analytics and AI operations. This makes it possible to adapt the company culture to a data-driven one and start actively generating data analytics use cases.

Data Visualization

Having a tailored tool for obtaining key insights from your data within just seconds gives you a strong advantage in today’s data-driven world. Having a dedicated partner advising on which insights should be sought in the first place for your specific data and needs provides a real edge.

Data Engineering

We help companies to make the most of their data by providing data engineering and infrastructure designing services. We focus on data and infrastructure architecture, ETL processes, and integration of different data sources while using the latest technologies in the cloud and on-premises.

Data Science

We help companies find value and hidden insights in data using machine learning and data science methods. Using a variety of data science and AI use cases, we can enrich the descriptive and diagnostic view of data based on prediction or prescription.

AI Capabilities

We empower clients with tailored, cutting-edge AI solutions. Our AI capabilities encompass a wide spectrum of use cases, delivered through custom implementations or accelerated by technology accelerators.

“With the unique expertise of our team we help clients turn their business strategy into reality. We deliver end-to-end solutions leveraging our experience in architecture and application design, data strategy, data integration, and large project delivery.“​
Jiri Mizera, Managing Partner, ACTUM Digital​

Proven competence

AI & Data Solutions​
Data Strategy and Integration​
Large-scale project delivery​

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