System Integration​

Designing and implementing the right solution for optimal use of your data and applications

What’s it about

Deliver the right things the right way​

We help clients to unlock the true potential of their data and technology ecosystem. Whether it's choosing the best solution architecture or integrating applications and data, we ensure optimal performance, scalability, and alignment of their technology with business goals.


Benefits of System Integration delivered by ACTUM Digital

By choosing us you will reap many benefits. Here are just a few.

Experienced team

With over 26 years of consulting experience, highly skilled & certified solution architects, and industry know-how, we deliver end-to-end future-facing solutions.

Top industry standards

We use cutting-edge technologies together with best industry practices to provide strategic insights, roadmaps, and advanced solutions to our clients.

Client-centric approach

Our services are customized to meet and exceed each client's specific needs, focusing on client satisfaction and delivering impactful results for their business.

Featured Services

Data Architecture

Our team responsible for data architecture ensures the effective design and organization of data assets. We focus on creating scalable and efficient data structures that align with business objectives, facilitating seamless data management.

Data Warehouse (DWH)

Our data warehouse team is responsible for building and maintaining a robust centralized repository. We ensure that data is gathered, transformed, and stored in a way that supports efficient reporting and analysis across the organization. We are capable of delivering DWH solutions for corporate clients such as banks, insurance, utility companies, etc., and for small and medium-sized companies as well.

Data Integration

Data integration specialists on our team work to seamlessly connect and harmonize data from various sources. Our goal is to deliver integrated solutions that meet diverse needs, including consistency, online/batch approach, policy/security requirements, etc.

Data Migration

The data migration team oversees the smooth transfer of data between systems. We meticulously plan and execute extraction, transformation, and loading processes, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal disruption to operations.

Solution Architecture

Our solution architecture team is at the forefront of designing and delivering integrated solutions. We collaborate closely with stakeholders to define system structures, components, and interactions, ensuring that solutions align with business needs and goals. We have huge experience with solutions in area of client (specially party unification) and product MDM, Data Quality, Central LOV management, architecture which natively support governance processes, etc.

Application Architecture

In the realm of application architecture, our team focuses on designing and delivering robust software solutions. We ensure that applications are structured for optimal performance, scalability, and alignment with overall technology objectives.

“With the unique expertise of our team we help clients turn their business strategy into reality. We deliver end-to-end solutions leveraging our experience in architecture and application design, data strategy, data integration, and large project delivery.“​
Jiri Mizera, Managing Partner, ACTUM Digital​

Proven competence

Architecture Solutions​
Data Strategy and Integration​
Large-scale project delivery​

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