Product data (PIM)

What’s it about

Evaluate the performance of product information across all touch points

We help our clients easily organize and manage product data and make them available to customers at all touchpoints by implementing a PIM platform by InRiver.


Benefits of of PIM solution delivered by ACTUM Digital

There are many benefits to an expertly delivered Product Information Management systems. Here are just a few.

Single source of truth

Have a single source of truth for product data that can be easily distributed to any touchpoint in a fast and consistent way.

Flexibility and scalability

System that is flexible to grow with your business and can accommodate to new requirements of new product portfolio.

Data informed decisions

With our solution to product data management, you will get an easy-to-use system for monitoring product’s performance on all touchpoints.

Integration with other systems

We have ample experience with PIM-CMS integration and can support the full lifecycle of product data from its maintenance to its presentation to the end customer.

Proven competence

Inriver implementation partner

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