Cybersecurity & Forensics services

Securing Tomorrow, Today

What’s it about

Protecting your business by managing cyber risks

We provide peace of mind by implementing refined, cutting-edge solutions designed to shield your IT infrastructure and sensitive data right from the start. Grounded in real-time threat intelligence and custom forensic analysis, our approach ensures your security posture is both compliant and dynamically evolves with your business.


Benefits of Cybersecurity & Forensics services delivered by ACTUM Digital

By choosing us you will reap many benefits. Here are just a few.

Experienced team

With over 26 years of consulting experience, highly skilled & certified solution architects, and industry know-how, we deliver end-to-end future-facing solutions.

Swift incident response

We employ a rapid, coordinated response to minimize the impact of breaches. By leveraging advanced analytics and forensic tools, we quickly restore operations and prevent future incidents.

Commitment to compliance

Our experts stay ahead of the regulatory curve, integrating compliance into your cybersecurity strategy to protect against breaches and ensure you meet all legal requirements.

High quality at a reasonable price

We deliver superior quality at reasonable prices, making advanced security accessible to all businesses. With us, you don't have to choose between top-notch protection and cost efficiency. 

Client-centric approach

Our services are customized to meet and exceed each client's specific needs, focusing on client satisfaction and delivering impactful results for their business.

Scalable solutions

Our solutions grow with your business, ensuring scalable security that adapts to your changing needs and expansion, without compromising on protection.

Featured Services

Security Assessment & Penetration Testing

We delve deep into your information systems to expose vulnerabilities and assess risk levels. By simulating cyber attacks, our specialists rigorously test your defenses, pinpointing weaknesses to fortify your systems against threats.

Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation

We prepare and execute strategies to safeguard your IT infrastructure and data against cyber threats. By identifying risks and deploying advanced solutions like XDR, we keep your security robust.

Operational Technology (OT) Security

Our services protect critical infrastructure and industrial systems against cyber threats. Tailoring our approach, we ensure continuous safety, reliability, and operational integrity.

Threat Intelligence

We provide data to help you identify emerging threats, understand attackers' methods and motivations, and use this information to enhance cybersecurity measures.

Forensics/Electronic Discovery

Our e-discovery expertise streamlines the search, securement, and processing of digital data crucial for legal, compliance, and investigative needs. We prioritize data integrity and admissibility at every step.

Compliance Services

Stay secure and compliant with international regulatory standards. We can help you obtain ISO/IEC 27000 certification and guide you through a journey to secure important NIS2 compliance.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Enabling your organization to detect, investigate, and respond to threats more efficiently. We offer a more integrated approach to threat detection and response than traditional end-point solutions.

“We tackle today's digital challenges with forward-thinking solutions, keeping you safe from new threats. Our priority is your security, and we strive every day to be a partner you can rely on for comprehensive protection and peace of mind in an ever-evolving digital world.“​
Miroslav Kořen, Cybersecurity Division Director, ACTUM Digital

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