Bloomreach Exponea

Optimize your marketing with this leading data and experience platform.

Bloomreach Exponea in Actum

Data collection and analysis for marketing knowledge

Marketing is a fast-moving field, and Bloomreach Exponea provides the ideal platform for gathering and unifying data from all touchpoints at all times. Actum uses Exponea to deliver key customer insights to help you stay in control of your campaigns.

Bloomreach Exponea


Key features

With a wide range of out-of-the-box capabilities and plug-and-play modules, Bloomreach Exponea offers a number of valuable features.

Data unification

A single source of customer data and insight.

Understand your customers

Real-time customer data platform for accurate customer profiles.

Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’

Named 2020 Cool Vendor in Multichannel Marketing by Gartner.

Campaign assessment

Understand the impact of your campaigns and optimize for improved results.

Rapid analytics

Extensive data analysis constantly updated for full control.

Identify key customers

Pinpoint your high-value areas and customers to maximize revenue.

Effortless integration

Easily connect to your existing martech tools and data sources.

Perfect personalization

Omnichannel marketing for highly personalized customer journeys.

CONRAD electronic

Case study

Creating a new e-commerce platform for Conrad Electronic

CONRAD electronic

Bloomreach was essential to the building of a complex e-commerce and marketplace platform for the European online retailer across 14 countries.

“Conrad and Actum have been working together for many years now. Currently, we are building the Actum-Conrad Development Campus together: A development and innovation hub in Actum's Prague offices that will accelerate introduction of digital services and innovation for Conrad. Actum’s expertise and access to talented resources is instrumental in staffing this team of 50 experts.”
Ales Drabek, Chief Digital and Disruption Officer, Conrad Electronic

Proven competence

Awards & certifications

Bloomreach Exponea Solution Partner
Bloomreach Exponea Integration & Marketing Partner
Bloomreach Silver Implementation Partner
Bloomreach e-commerce implementation expertise

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