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What if fridges will shop on their own? How will supermarkets respond? And what about packaging manufacturers? What if fridges were to collect data about your diet to be used by your health insurance company or doctor to determine preventive treatment?

What if all cars will be autonomous? Will people surf the Internet, consume entertainment or sleep while driving? Will people start to focus on CPU power rather than on engine power? Will parking, fueling and servicing be carried out fully automatically?

What if all bulbs will be connected to Wi-Fi? Will they tell you when they need to be replaced, and will they optimize the household’s heating system? How will energy suppliers, electronics manufacturers and design studios adapt?

New technology is changing customer expectations and behavior, which has implications for all sectors. ACTUM will help you create a digital strategy and propose a technology platform for a personalized and consistent customer experience across all devices, such as your computer, mobile phone, watch and TV, as well as for your car, or in virtual reality. We will help you customize your corporate website, eCommerce, mobile apps, emailing, call center, social networks or point of sale. Manage digital transition and prepare your company for the digital world.

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ACTUM story

ACTUM was founded in 1996 in Prague, Czech Republic, in a basement, like most technology companies. After initial hesitation as to whether to focus on the Internet, we finally started creating websites and later aimed at a comprehensive digital customer experience.

During the following years, we acquired clients in the Czech Republic, Germany, the USA, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, France and the UK. We started to design and implement comprehensive technology solutions, such as e-commerce, web presentations, online service portals, intranet and mobile apps, including integration with client and third-party back-end systems.

In recent years, we have increasingly focused on assisting clients with the digital transformation. Thanks to our development competence, we are able to both design and implement digital transformation.


Our people

ACTUM is a Czech company, but a quarter of our employees are foreigners from across the world. This means that English is gradually becoming the language for internal communication, complementing Czech and German.

We invest in the education and development of our teams. We have two internal English teachers, organize the ACTUM Academy and a programmer nursery, cooperate with various NGOs, participate in conferences all around the world, and support certification of various kinds.

We search for both experienced experts and talented juniors for various positions.


ACTUM is an implementation partner of the CXM platforms by Sitecore, Kentico and BloomReach Experience, considered by Gartner as Leader (BloomReach Experience, Sitecore) and Challenger (Kentico).

Furthermore, we are partners of Microsoft, Telligent Community, IBM Marketing Cloud, React Native, React, Redux, Angular and others.

Based on the client’s needs, we will propose a suitable technology platform to ensure that the investment in development is efficient and that you achieve your digital business goals.


We implement medium-sized and large projects for clients in the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, UK and USA.

We have selected three of our implementation projects which rank among the best and which are distinguished by their size.

Raiffeisen LEASING
Kentico Site of the Year 2016 finalist

METRO Cash & Carry
Sitecore Site of the Year 2015

Kentico Site of the Year 2015 finalist


We help companies with their digital transformation to succeed in the changing digital age.


Our vision is to become a prestigious European implementation and consulting company with a strong position in every market we enter.



Everyone can rely on us to deliver what we promised in the best possible way.

Respect of People

We believe that our attention to the interests of the people we work with is mutually beneficial.

Open Mind

We are open to changes and innovations, and we seek and go for them.


We act clearly, straightforwardly and honestly.

Life at ACTUM

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Affiliated companies

ACTUM Digital cooperates with professionals from our affiliated companies because we know that only experienced specialists in each field can bring the best value to our clients. For clients though there is still one single point of contact to ensure perfect communication and solutions.

What if you want to increase the performance of your digital platform and take advantage of all opportunities offered by the latest technology?


What if you want to increase the performance of your digital platform and take advantage of all opportunities offered by the latest technology?

ACTUM+ will help you adopt technology, set your processes, provide you with operator outsourcing and train your staff to ensure that you achieve your business goals.

Our Consulting Team will guide you through digital transformation using the proprietary tool CX Maturity Model for Digital Transformation.


What if you need Developers, Software and Solution Architects, Database Specialists or other professionals for your own team?

ACTUMx provides clients with IT professionals outsourcing service.

We have long-term market experience with an IT professionals who have diverse knowledge and skills. Our database contains both individuals and teams who are ready to work on your projects in the Czech Republic, Germany or elsewhere, based on your needs.

Actum Iot

What if more and more devices connected to the Internet provide real-time and real-world data that you can use for your business?

ACTUM IoT will help your figure out how to connect IoT with your business to enrich your digital platform.

We will provide you with research and proposed solutions including technology, feasibility verification and help in putting the solution into production.