Cenveo: Pioneering the Digital Print Industry

Bridging the gap between Print, Digital and E-Commerce while delivering innovation and business value for the world-leading printing company

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Services Involved

Application redesigning
Infrastructure cost optimisation
Site reliability optimisation

Technologies Involved

Amazon Web Services
AWS Lambda
AWS Dynamo DB


Paper and Paint

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Cenveo has a long history of delivering top value for customers. Nowadays, the company is the world leader in the management and distribution of print and related offerings. Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, the company encompasses more than two dozen entities in over 100 facilities across the U.S., as well as manufacturing operations in Asia, South America and Central America.

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Used Technology

The end-to-end platform, Kadena 2.0, is a completely cloud-based platform running on Amazon Web Services. The application enables Cenveo customers to produce more impactful communications, streamline processes, slash cycle times and reduce spend on print communication. Cenveo's customers are able to reduce the costs related to fulfillment, logistics, and supply chain management while also encouraging a two-way dialogue with their target audiences.

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Customized printing

Kadena makes it easy to connect through basic communication tools with the company's customers. The clients of Cenveo can send personalized mailers, assemble intricate customer kits, optimize print spend, and track jobs until they're in the hands of the target audience. ACTUM has developed the application itself in cooperation with Cenveo, while pre-login pages have been developed by Cenveo.

Scheduling with Time Difference


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The major challenge was working with a new client completely in a remote mode via daily video calls. Secondary issues arose from getting to know the existing technical background of Cenveo’s infrastructure, such as TIBCO middleware services, online PDF template editor, or local specific logistic process. All these services have been built either directly or indirectly, via API calls, into Kadena 2.0. Last but not least, ACTUM had to deliver a high-quality solution that complied with strict standards of the Cenveo QA department — all with a six-hour time difference.

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What have we created?



The solution ACTUM created is a cloud-based platform, using Amazon Web Services. It contains 10 main modules, including a full-featured Kentico E-Commerce solution with an enhanced checkout page implemented in React JS.

Among other important features, there is a reporting functionality that visualizes customer data from an external BI tool (TIBCO Spotfire). An overview of projects retrieved from a third-party procurement system (Noosh), and integration to a payment gateway (3DSI) for secure credit card payments. Behind the Content Management System, there is a robust back-end part composed of about 30 microservices, communicating over REST API. These also leverage AWS technologies, such as EC2, Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, and CloudWatch.

30% production time saved

Kadena saved more than ⅓ in production time to a publisher in Atlanta.

80% higher exposure

The solution resulted in adding 80% new digital exposure to the Atlanta publisher's advertisers.

16.5% decrease in costs

An Outdoor Motor Sports company was able to cut costs by 16.5% and produced 480 jobs.

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