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Headless eco-system for website and any other digital channel

We help our clients easily manage content and deliver top digital experience to customers across all digital channels by implementing the Kontent.ai platform.

Market leaders trust us with their solutions for digital content


Actum built a fast website using MACH architecture and Konten.ai for an industry-leader in solutions supporting developers to generate clean and high-quality code.


Using Kontent.ai Actum built an elegant system for structured content management and automatic assembly of documents for global training.

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Benefits of Kontent.ai solution delivered by ACTUM Digital

There are many benefits to the content first approach to websites using Kontent.ai platform. Here are just a few.

Content first approach

We will create for you a single source of truth for all content which can be published easily in all channels, not only the website.

Accelerated development

Through our unique Kontent.ai accelerator with a set of customizable components we can substantially reduce the time to market.

Composable architecture

With Kontent.ai solution for your website you will minimize vendor lock-in and be able to add new or change existing technologies on the fly.

Blazing fast page speed

Our take on Kentico.ai technology let you achieve blazing fast page speeds and substantially improve your SEO ranking for free.

No content migration costs

By building a website on Kontent.ai headless platform and disconnecting the presentation layer from content your future upgrades to the web design will not require content migration.

End-to-end solution

We provide a full-scale service from business needs identification through UX/UI design to content migration.

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