ACTUM Digital and Dormer Pramet - SAP Quality Award Winners

Time to market has become a critical factor for businesses looking to stay ahead of their competitors in today's fast-paced environment. Actum's solution for Dormer Pramet has shown that even the most complicated projects can be completed in record time. This exceptional work was recently recognized by SAP, one of the world's leading enterprise software providers, which named us Grand Winners of their Quality Award CEE in the "Rapid Time to Value" category. 

The Challenge

Dormer Pramet, a global supplier of metal cutting tools and related services with a large customer base in over 100 countries worldwide, was motivated to build the new eCommerce portal by growing customer interest in online shopping and access to important manufacturer information.

“Dormer Pramet is presented in the segment of the market where the online presence is very important. We put together multiple countries with different practices, with a lot of legacy systems. And, basically, our customers were not able to see the common experience. It was very difficult to compete with.” - says Marek Černy, the director of Dormer Pramet.

He also added: ” …Our first unsuccessful attempt at an e-shop cost us three years of our lives, but we learned our lesson and have now managed to complete the entire project in nine months. We see it as an investment in our business strategy and we are aware that it is a never-ending process because the world is changing, and we need to react to it…. “.

The short implementation time was the biggest constraint for the business. To achieve the desired goals Dormer Pramet selected Actum in collaboration with SAP as a trusted partner to implement a complex B2B eCommerce solution.

The Solution

Actum worked with Dormer Pramet to replace its existing e-shop with a new implementation built on the SAP Commerce Cloud platform. The platform supports a wide range of business models and can be fully customized to meet the needs of companies and their customers. It provided Dormer Pramet with capabilities such as web content management, product management, search, and order management. All running in the cloud, customizable, and scalable.

Together, we implemented B2B Commerce for 32 countries in under 12 months, with the first eight countries launched within record-breaking four months from the project's inception. This achievement shows how working together and planning carefully can lead to outstanding results in a short time.

Miroslav Vesely, Project Manager at Dormer Pramet, noted: “There was a huge effort from all the people within the team. We said that we will go for the marathon, and we were sprinting all the way during that, and, finally, we won.

Project Execution and Keys to Success

The key to our success was our ability to move quickly and consistently forward, which was achieved through a capable team, clear communication, an agile approach, and excellent execution. Our team implemented several key initiatives to reduce project costs and the software-to-services ratio.

"During the design and implementation process, we prioritized rapid go-live. Because of this, we split the project into two phases. In the first phase, we launched the portal in eight countries and then added the remaining ones. The development of the portal will continue as the customer opted for a solution that enables continuous and agile development," says Michal Fedorko, Division Delivery Manager at ACTUM Digital.

Our project management approach involved monitoring and controlling time, budget, and scope against the plan. We divided the project scope into high-level areas with flexible boundaries, and managed deviations as part of our bi-weekly sprint planning process.

The quality approach was guided by simplification, even in the face of multiple markets, distribution channels, and ERPs. The project showcased innovation in areas such as complex search functionality, product variant listings, and market-specific units & product names.

The Results

Thanks to our ongoing support, Dormer Pramet has been able to quickly expand the portal into new territories without any issues. The portal was specifically designed with rapid up-scaling capabilities, allowing the company to react swiftly to market changes worldwide with complete confidence.

In addition to that, the company improved efficiency and productivity through reduced manual order handling, increased brand awareness for corporate and product brands, and improved cost insights.

“When we started and it was approximately one year ago, our online sales represented about 5% of all sales. At the moment, they represent 15%, so the increase is visible, but we are still at the beginning of our journey.” - says Jana Pekná, Marketing Manager for the EE region at Dormer Pramet.

The SAP Quality Award showcased Actum's ability to set new standards in project delivery and highlighted the importance of strong business relationships and skilled professionals who make these projects successful.

"This project confirmed the importance of two trends, namely the right timing, and expertise. It is not only about implementing a technical solution but also about selecting a suitable partner who will successfully guide the customer through the entire process. I am very pleased that the experienced digital agency Actum Digital has joined forces with us." - says Hana Součková, CEO of SAP Czech Republic.

Are you considering implementing SAP commerce solutions for your business? If some help from professionals comes in handy, feel free to reach out to us at any moment. 

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