Google Cloud Platform

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Google Cloud Platform in Actum

Harnessing the power of the world’s largest internet company

As Certified Google Partner, Actum’s years of experience with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides clients with the full power of one of the top solutions in the cloud computing industry.


Key features

It may be one of the youngest cloud solutions on the market, but GCP offers everything a business needs to use the full potential of the Cloud.

Your apps everywhere

Actum offers open source, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud solutions on GCP, so you can run your apps and use your data anywhere.

Streamlined operations

Serverless advanced analytics and machine learning platform helps you automate processes and streamline operations.

Google Center of Excellence 

Actum’s dedicated GCP knowledge hub provides expert training and exclusive Cloud services for clients and developers.

Compliance support

GCP guides you through all relevant compliance regulations, such as COPPA, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Flexible and scalable

Actum supports the full suite of Google apps and services, such as AppSheet, ApiGee and BigQuery, for in-built scalability.

Global presence

Google’s worldwide network allows you to deploy resources in specific zones, regions and multi-regions.

Carbon-neutral cloud

GCP is the cleanest cloud in the industry, offering a truly sustainable solution.

Cost-effective solutions

Actum offers a range of customized price plans and discounts for the best value Cloud solution.


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The most successful companies keep their data in the Cloud, and we understand the most efficient ways to build, migrate and optimize cloud solutions for tangible business results.

Case Study

Conrad Electronic deliver next-generation retail

CONRAD electronic

One of Europe’s largest electronics retailers, Conrad Electronic used GCP to gather over 400 internal system data sources to enhance reporting, analysis, and process automation.

CONRAD electronic
“Conrad and Actum have been working together for many years now. Currently, we are building the Actum-Conrad Development Campus together: A development and innovation hub in Actum's Prague offices that will accelerate introduction of digital services and innovation for Conrad. Actum’s expertise and access to talented resources is instrumental in staffing this team of 50 experts.”
Ales Drabek, Chief Digital and Disruption Officer, Conrad Electronic

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