Digital Marketing & Automation

Digital Marketing & Automation

Take Digital Marketing & Automation to the Next Level with ACTUM Digital

Whether you need support executing a marketing campaign, building a new strategy or analysing user behaviour, our digital business consultants can help you create better customer experiences. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and create a digital strategy to meet and exceed your goals. When you work with ACTUM Digital, we’ll take the time to consider your business goals so you can increase sales and decrease expenses.

ACTUM Digital, Experts in Digital Strategy

Do you want to optimize and improve the performance of your online digital activities?

As a customer-first agency, we’ll work with you to understand your goals and then create a strategy that’ll act as a roadmap to guide you through the execution process. Our dedicated digital business consultants will help you bridge the gap between technology and business so you can take your digital strategy to the next level with a data-driven approach.

We place clients at the heart of everything we do. We exist to help you grow your business, compete within today’s digital economy, and create outstanding customer experiences that surpass expectations.

How We Help

Over the years, we’ve worked with large companies around the globe to implement large-scale solutions often across their entire network. We provide a comprehensive range of services, all of which can be customised to fit your unique needs.

Automation processes set up in practice. In the Kentico CMS Desk.
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Emailing & Marketing Automation

Automating your email, personalisation and content activities can help you streamline processes so you can cut costs and lower the risk while running long list of activities. Our marketing automation experts will examine your current marketing tools and then come with recommendations on how to properly set up processes, and combine technologies.

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Personalization Strategy & Set-Up

Understanding customers’ behaviour and unique pain points allow brands to deliver personalised experiences and create loyal consumers. Our dedicated personalisation team will help you create customer segments, define your target groups and develop a personalisation strategy. As part of this process, we’ll also map and analyse the customer journey. We’ll be available throughout the set-up and execution of your strategy.

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Data Analytics & Visualization

We’re experts at assisting you to understand your customer and sales data better. We’ll help you define your web goals and set-up a strategy, on your behalf, to achieve these objectives. Our team will execute the strategy and create a dashboard so you can have real-time insights into our campaign.

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Preparing & Manage a content

Preparing content in proper quantities for broad range of digital channels efficiently, accurately and reliably is not an easy job. Our experts will deliver whatever content your digital activities need.

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Help with Operations & Execution

Migrating large amounts of content for different languages, countries and locations is no easy task. Content execution is a complicated task, which requires CMS expertise and dedicated project management. Our content execution team will make the process simple by creating a plan, overseeing the entire project, and, finally, executing this strategy. So, you can enjoy the end result without the unnecessary hassle.

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UX & UI Strategy and Design

Our specialist team of UX and UI professionals understand that customers want a user-friendly and seamless online experience. We’ll help you develop the perfect strategy, create modern designs and consult you on best practices so you can focus on what matters most - your customers.

ACTUM Digital Has Your Back

As a customer-first agency, we focus on meeting your needs and helping you to reach your goals. So, when we propose a strategy or execution approach, you’ll know that our recommendations have your best interests and long-term objectives in-mind. We’ll always have your back.

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Our Client Projects

Contact us about our case studies to discover more about how we’ve helped organizations around the world achieve their goals.

Cub Cadet

Known for its innovative lawn mowers and tractor designs, Cub Cadet required an original redesign of their webpage. ACTUM Digital delivered unique designs and digital marketing consultancy to provide Cub Cadet with a modernized webpage.

innogy Intranet

Providing green power, smart grids and efficient home solutions, innogy required a complete digital transformation to engage its customer base and outcompete agile start-ups. Through the implementation of Sitecore XP, ACTUM digital efficiently delivered a tailored webpage including a personalized web experience. Now they deliver results which enable innogy to capture and personalize information.


Panesco is part of the La Lorraine group, the largest independent bakery group in Belgium. The new Panesco website increased brand awareness with greater engagement, providing features focusing on lead generation and attracting visitors with more relevant content. The whole project was finished within just 8 weeks – from the first wireframe to production website.

Société Générale

Komerční Banka, a member of Société Générale, is one of the leading banking institutions in the Czech Republic. Our website built on Kentico EMS is among the most complex implementations in Europe. Featuring over 15 integrations into KB's internal systems enables outstanding digital experiences at the scale of many segments and divisions. The site was awarded overall Global Winner 2018 of the Kentico Site of the Year.

Raiffeisen Leasing

ACTUM Digital re-platformed the Raiffeisen Leasing website to create custom forms and configurators to implement SEO optimization and improve analytical measurements. We designed unique documents that enabled easy editing and automatic modification while redesigning the webpage to achieve a new corporate look.

Al Baraka

Al Baraka Islamic Bank is one of the largest banking institutions in Bahrain providing Sharia-compliant financing. Through a complete website relaunch, Al Baraka Islamic Bank's (AIB) products & services are now easy to navigate. AIB is leading the industry with comprehensive, intuitive design & clever integrations to internal systems.


Through ACTUM Digital installing Sitecore, an end-to-end of personalization and marking automation was implemented. Schott is now able to use a segmented approach and target major customer groups. Their costumer data is organized into single views with the right insights being generated. This enables them to handle dynamic content and communication.

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