Development of an online sales channel


Developing an online sales channel

Wüstenrot is a company that offers a full range of financial products and services, venture capital and insurance, mortgages, online banking and much more. The most significant project we were involved with was the development of an online sales channel for the company.

We oversaw the development of new websites and created analytical dashboards to determine the performance of individual products as well as analyzed the effectiveness of various online campaigns. 

Goals and Challenges:

  • To get closer and to meet the requirements of the online customer.
  • To simplify and streamline content editing and managing the company’s website at the same time.
  • Integration with the client’s web solution call center (w24.cz) and other third-part external systems.
  • To comply with internal prescriptions in order to implement partner independence.v

Developing an online sales channel
Developing an online sales channel
Developing an online sales channel

Experience we gained from this project:

Due to the complexity of the implementation as well as the expansion plans that the client had, we had to approach this in a very comprehensive and focused manner. We needed to gain perfect knowledge of the environment while considering the design as well as the eventual implementation process.