Komercni banka

Implementation of the Kentico platform for Komercni bank


Komerční banka is one of the leading financial institutions in Czech Republic, Central and Eastern Europe, and it is a member of Société Générale Group. The bank was founded in 1990, and today has over 7000 employees and over 1,6 million customers in Czech Republic.

The new Komerční banka web site is based on EMS Kentico 10 with two web servers to ensure maximum availability and maximum user experience thanks to low responses. At the start of the project, components for product data folding have been developed with the highest priority, making it the largest content section of the entire site, allowing content to be edited and edited by publishers from the very beginning of the development phase of the project. The whole solution is integrated with more than 15 Komerční banka systems, such as a loan calculation system and other products, an internal system for managing sales opportunities from forms and other contact points, a system for sending a full KB notification group, an online ordering system, and meetings, systems providing data exchange rates, transparent accounts and many more.

What we managed to improve

For many years, Komerční banka has been using a content management system designed for its needs by a local contractor. Above all, due to the need for more control over content management, allowing advanced marketing capabilities to improve overall user experience on the web and reduction of operational costs, it decided to select a new platform. We helped adopt a new platform in the bank to have full control over the entire system and to manage content, mail campaigns and work with other marketing tools.

Experience we gained from this project

"At the beginning, leveraging Kentico out of the box features kick-started the project and maximized speed of delivery of critical features. In later stages, easy to use content editing and marketing functionalities enabled us to spend less time on guidance and training. This simultaneously boosted quality, as well as client satisfaction with the solution."

Jakub Hitz | Agile Project Manager/Scrum Master | ACTUM


Thanks to the new Kentico digital platform, our website is more transparent and understandable for our customers. In addition, our new site allows simpler and much more efficient work for our marketers who prepare content for the site. The ACTUM team has done a really great job at a consistently high level.

Kateřina Šušáková | Communication Manager  |  Komerční banka, a.s.