Redesign and Re-platforming

Project Cyrrus

CYRRUS is a leading securities trader on the Czech market. It offers clients investment services and investment intermediation on world exchanges.

The new web solution was built on the Kentico EMS platform and contains both the Cyrrus presentation website and a private section for registered customers. The aim of the presentation part is the more effective acquisition of new customers, whilst the VIP section offers easier access to current information and provides greater convenience for existing customers. Using the marketing tools of the Kentico EMS platform provided, as planned, better knowledge of the website visitors and an increase in conversion using xsell and upsell.

What we managed to improve

The resulting benefits of the implementation of Kentico CMS were reflected in an increase in TimeonSite of up to 30% thanks to an improvement in the form of personalised content and the provision of integrated data from the client's internal system.

The second key point which we were able to achieve was an improvement in the quality of lead scoring through personalised recommendation for the operation (buying, selling).

Experience we gained from this project

PDF sending of binary files via SOAP attachment meant for us the creation of a specific and unique form of communication with the Kapitol internal system beyond the scope of the original concept.


"Cooperation on the creation of a new website and client section with ACTUM is of an exceptionally high standard. We have not encountered this sort of approach to the execution of a project from any other partner. Everything went smoothly once the initial processes and channels of communication had been set. We had the public part of the website ready in three months. We see a major benefi t of the project in the modern solution for the new website on the Kentico platform, its functioning and modularity; essentially, we are able to put together a full page in a couple of minutes, much as we would build something from Lego. The second stage of the project, known as the VIP section, was successfully completed and launched for our clients. I must again mention the extra-professional approach of the ACTUM team, which achieved the impossible, at this stage too. We look forward to working with ACTUM on the Kentico platform again in the future."

Petr Zeman | IT Director | Cyrrus