Unification of software architecture and redesign of the platform Kadena


Cenveo‘s Kadena technology platform brings you Dynamic Mail, Agile Fulfillment and Managed Supply Chain solutions, transforming your print programs into valuable marketing assets.

Produce more impactful communications. Streamline process. Slash cycle times. Reduce spend. Whatever your need, Kadena‘s modular design offers solutions to your particular business requirements.

Main goals of platform collaboration:

  • To unify software architecture of existing B2B customer portals for ordering printing solutions
  • To redesign customer facing application in a modern way, leveraging important UX principles
  • To decouple front-end application from the business logic based completely on microservice architecture
  • To maintain existing business processes by integrating new solution with current ERP and other external systems in use
  • To enable running multiple instances of the application with different settings for Cenveo B2B partners
  • To support increase of sales of the new platform through Software-as-a-Service model

What we managed to improve

Old website was unsuitable for mobile devices, so our job was to create the most up-to-date new UX design with the utmost consideration of mobile users. Our approach has been very beneficial and has increased mobile utilization - content and navigation are now fully optimized for mobile devices. The new content structure has further helped us keep users on the web site longer and reduce the bounce rate.

Experience we gained from this project

As part of the solution, we designed several unique document types that allow easy editing of the entire content, which is then automatically modifi ed for each responsive display. The forms/confi gurators were created as custom components that fully support the functionality of BizForms in data collection, mail notifi cations and templates. This makes it possible for customers to see all data in the BizForm module.