Top management

Tomáš Vondráček

Tomáš Vondráček


Tomáš is the CEO and co-owner of the ACTUM technology group which assist companies in pursuing their digital transformation initiatives. He has embraced the vision that people should not waste their efforts and energy by conducting activities that may be well done by machines, computers or algorithms; they should rather spend their time by improving, experimenting and taking care of themselves. Since he constantly works on improvements and experiments at ACTUM, he has built, together with his colleagues, the most successful Czech firm in its business segment, which delivers web solutions to clients not only from the Czech Republic but primarily from Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and USA.

Jan Havel

Jan Havel

Managing Partner

Jan founded ACTUM in 1996 and, as its Managing Partner, he is currently responsible for the satisfaction and development of relationships with international clients from Europe and the USA. He helps clients design digital strategies and technology solutions, including step-by-step guidance through digital transformation. As Doctor of Economics, he has lectured at the University of Economics in Prague and at both Czech and foreign conferences for more than 15 years.

Ratibor Líbal

Ratibor Líbal

Managing Partner

Ratibor is a Managing Partner and co-founder of ACTUM. He has had a lot of experience with digital business and digital transformation over the last 20 years. He is interested in new technologies, that’s why he is creating the new company ACTUM IoT, where he is responsible for the development of the new strategic discipline Smart Offices and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). He has taken part in many conferences and seminars as speaker and he has written many articles about digital business for various offline and online journals.

Vladislav Vachata

Vladislav Vachata

Managing Director ACTUM+

Vladislav has been in senior management positions in international companies (Wüstenrot, Citi, Shell) for more than 15 years. He has primarily focused on managing sales departments, and defining and executing business strategies as well as transformation projects. Over the past six years, he has also been involved in the topic of digital strategies with an emphasis on customer experience. He is now Managing Director of ACTUM+ with a goal of ensuring further growth and expansion of competencies within the individual digital disciplines ACTUM + is dedicated to.

Carsten Dalquen

Carsten Dalquen

Country Manager

With more than 20 years in Marketing, Communications and Digital Business, Carsten is an experienced manager in leading and consulting German and multi-national corporations. As a passionate football fan he knows how important amwork is for long-term success. In his position as Country Manager Carsten is responsible for the development and success of the ACTUM Digital organization in Germany. By combining his understanding of business in Germany with the know-how and experience of all the ACTUM experts abroad, he and his team are ready to convince more German companies about ACTUM Digital services and support them in being more successful.

Klaas-Jan Meijer

Klaas-Jan Meijer

Strategic Account Manager

Klaas-Jan is Strategic Account Manager for ACTUM Digital Netherlands. He is responsible for Strategy consulting, insights, the success of our projects and customer satisfaction. For the past 20 years, he has fulfilled various types of functions from customer advisor to (senior) management. In all his work, his goal and passion have remained the same all the time, namely working on high-quality customer contact, providing great services and thinking about how the customer can maximize their value from our solutions. For the past 7 years, he has helped important organizations in the Netherlands with online marketing, eCommerce, consultancy, omnichannel, attribution, web development, IT and more. He is proud to represent our team of 300 specialists.

David Dzesatnik

Dávid Dzesatnik

Managing Director ACTUMx

What if you lack know-how or the necessary competence to implement a digital project or you simply need to quickly expand your team? Then come and talk to David, who has been providing his clients with top-notch permanent and contracted resources for over a decade. David started with recruitment and client management during his university studies and has continued ever since, now managing ACTUMx, a new addition to the growing ACTUM family.

Tarik Altumbabić

Tarik Altumbabić

Head of Delivery

Tarik is a senior Iead with over a decade of experience in global IT services delivery. He is an experienced professional in Information Technologies,ITIL structured operations, global logistics and finance management andhas an extensive background in industrial manufacturing operations. Tarik establishes new organization structure with Business Units and multi-location delivery for more complex and more technology-demanding projects globally.

Václav Urban

Head of Sales

Václav Urban has been in management positions of international IT companies for more than 15 years. Since 2002, he has worked in the Dutch company Exact Software in various managerial roles. From the Director for the Czech Republic, he gradually developed into the regional director of Exact Software for Central and Eastern Europe and managed the expansion of Exact in the CEE region. In 2012, he moved to Microsoft, in the position of Microsoft Dynamics Director, where he was responsible for selling Microsoft Dynamics family solutions (NAV, AX, and CRM). In this position, he was also responsible for the restructuring of the internal Dynamics team and for the stabilization and cloud transformation of the partner channel in the Czech Republic. He joined ACTUM Digital as Head of Sales to launch an ambitious growth of ACTUM Digital's sales, particularly on the Czech market, but is also preparing for possible expansion to other markets in the CEE region.

Vojtech Dohányos

Finance Director

Vojtech Dohányos has held various managerial positions in several fields of corporate finance over the past 10 years. First, in the IT sector as a Financial manager. After that he worked for IT services controlling of Telefonica O2 for Czech Republic. He was responsible for a complex unification and integration of core systems in UniCredit Leasing between Czech Republic and Slovakia with respect to reporting, data governance and implementation of BI reporting platform for both countries. He joined us in November 2017 as the group’s CFO and is responsible for accounting insourcing and setting up the group processes and reporting in Finance.

Jakub Hejsek

Jakub Hejsek

HR Director

Salesperson, marketer and devotee of modern people management and development trends, his greatest wish would be to replace corporate paperwork with personal interaction and apps. Jakub and his team are responsible for sustainable organization growth of ACTUM family, fostering strong employer brand and talent intake & development. Jakub built his experience in international companies ranging from family owned to Fortune 500: e. g. Grafton Recruitment, Philip Morris International or Deloitte Advisory.

Mikuláš Procházka

Marketing Director

Mikuláš is an experienced marketing and communications professional with over 12 years in international business, such as MasterCard, Grafton Recruitment and LMC (,…), working in managerial and leadership roles over the past decade. He believes in quality communication, where simplicity is a key asset in delivering the right message to the right people. In ACTUM, his key role is to ensure that the growing ACTUM family of brands becomes a well-known and desired partner for all digital transformation related topics in Europe.

Our team

Gianluca Turturro

Gianluca Turturro

Gianluca is a professional in digital business with over 15 years of experience, spanning from web design, UX design, coding, programming, IT, account management, business analysis and solution architecture. He led some of the biggest implementations in ACTUM, including implementations across 28 countries, projects with 10 000+ Man-hours, greenfield system analyses with 30+ systems analyzed. Gianluca established and leads the Business Analysis and Solution Architecture (BASA) department in ACTUM and focuses the team on designing high-value systems for ACTUM's clients. Gianluca was awarded Sitecore Technology MVP in 2015, 2016 and 2017.
Milan Koci

Milan Kočí

Milan is the Development Director in ACTUM. He is a senior development manager with more than 20 years of experience in development in wide area of industries including the space industry, insurance, banking, and digital agencies. He defines development processes and standards for the entire software development lifecycle to deliver product on time and in the best quality. He is directly responsible for development teams and their cooperation with other departments involved in software development.

What it's like working at ACTUM

Artem Zakharchenko

Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

When I have joined ACTUM I had one clear and ambitious goal: to learn new skills and to master the ones I already know. Now, being a part of the team, we are building modern solutions for millions of users worldwide, using truly outstanding technologies in the field. But all that is only possible because of great and supportive people around, who enjoy and love their craft just as much as you do.

Miloš Vacek

Solutions Architect

ACTUM is a rapidly expanding company within which we work with cutting-edge technologies in the fields of digital marketing and web content management, implementing these with customers here as well as abroad. It is a great feeling working with motivated people who understand their job and share their experience with each other. I love watching the things this team is capable of achieving and it is a privilege to be a part of it.

Sergey Antonov

.NET Developer

What do I like in ACTUM the most? Of course the atmosphere and relationships between employees! I'm one of the Metro team members and this team is great. We are a really international team: we have Mexican, Czech, Iranian, Slovak, Ukrainian and Russian developers. We are different but we work as a single organism.

Pavel Hynek

Front-End Developer

ACTUM is a perspective company, every day a new challenge ahead of us, that forces us to move on and learn with new things. To this end, lectures such as dev talks and the friday academy help us.

Lukáš Cimpl

QA Specialist

Our friendly team holds a protective hand over product quality at all stages of their development. We strive to help meet the diverse needs of our customers (Metro / Makro, RWE, Olympus ...). We are constantly faced with new challenges and opportunities to improve D15existing knowledge and skills. We can develop in various areas of testing (automation, performance ...) and soft skills domains, while increasing our level of English. We work in an international and multicultural environment.

Michal Aron

Senior Java Developer

I really like the "anti-corporate" approach in ACTUM. You can really feel the responsibility of everyone in the team for the project. There is a real will and effort of the developers to do things right, not just to satisfy the nearest manager above you like in many big enterprises. We have opportunity to use cutting-edge technologies and to build up best practices of whole Java team, which is relatively new. Also we have an opportunity to work on a "greenfield" project with high level of independence and right to make crucial architectural decisions. This is a big challenge for us, but our team is definitely not for someone who would rather like to work in a more "relaxed" way with not much stress and no challenges :-)

What is it like working at Actum
What is it like working at Actum What is it like working at Actum