Why to upgrade to Kentico 11?

Are you wondering if it is wise to invest in upgrading to the latest version of Kentico 11? Here are some reasons why the transition is beneficial and what benefits this upgrade has.

Most Kentico clients pay an annual fee for technical support and access to upgrades and higher level of systems. Some regularly update their CMS solutions to the latest version and benefit from the upgrades that the new versions bring. Those who run CMS on old and unsupported versions may find that crossing over multiple versions at once will be more complex than expected.

Regular migration to the latest version is much easier and therefore cheaper than going through multiple versions of the system at once. Running the latest version will reduce security risk, increase efficiency, and increase your marketing and IT staffs’ satisfaction.

The latest Kentico 11 supported features enable your suppliers to streamline and improve the performance of your desired functionality and speed up bug fixes.

Benefits of upgrading to Kentico 11

Every new version of Kentico delivers minor performance improvements. It also comes with new enhancements that can be used to implement new features such as "improved webpart and widget, MVC, Continuous integration,….” These are major benefits and often speed up work on new features.

Data protection
A new feature has been added to Kentico 11 to help publishers and website owners comply with the General Privacy Guidelines (GDPR) and other privacy laws.

Risk management
It should be a standard that your critical software, which the site is sure to belong to, is updated and supported by your suppliers.

A new module from Ucommerce is an alternative to the standard Ecommerce module. This module introduces new e-shop options.

The existing Ecommerce module has been enhanced with new features such as tags, collections, or gift cards. The functionality of discounts, discount coupons, or taxes has been greatly improved. The module can now be more easily customized by the client.

Enhanced email marketing
New way to create marketing emails using Email Builder. New Email Channel Statistics in Email Marketing app.

Effectiveness of working with the system
Several minor changes and adjustments have been made throughout the system to make Kentico easier and faster.

Here are just the most important benefits and new features of the Kentico 11 version.
If you are not sure whether to upgrade to the latest version of Kentico 11, contact our specialists who will be happy to advise you.

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