Optimize & Evolve

Optimize & Evolve


What does it mean? For us it means that your company strategy is Cloud-First or Hybrid and you will now focus on utilising all the benefits of Cloud. From our development point of view it means that we will make sure all the delivered applications are using the correct technologies for it's job, the application is able to scale together with your company and it also can scale down to do not waste resources and save money

Compared to that cusot:

  • Increased sales and return-of-investment
  • Lowering of costs and risks
  • Or more seamless user experience

We’ll always strive to help you improve your existing business process and adapt them for the digital age.


API and Microservices

For all companies these days is critical to have an API strategy as APIs let developers easily access, combine, and share valuable data and functionality.  Having the right API management platform is critical to build and scale a successful API program and we believe that Google Apigee is the right choice for our customers which can bring the biggest value to the business and open new door to build an API business, add flexibility to multi-cloud or hybrid environments and much more.

Cost management

Once you're in the cloud one of the most important parts is to keep your bill low. First big difference compared to on-premise and own hardware is that the payment model is "pay as you go" and you do not need to overspend for unused or underutilized resources but also if some teams would get crazy in creating new resources your bill can grow significantly. We do recommend to implement budget ownership on multiple levels to easily determine the TCO for services and infrastructure. Once you have all resources allocated you can setup and alert policy and budgets in GCP and be notified in case the spend overcome your specific threshold and investigate what happened. 

A different topic is using discounts offered by Google Cloud Platform. You can use two types of discounts:

  • Sustained Use Discount - are automatically added to your monthly bill. They are limited by specific Compute Engine resources and the time you're using the resource over a month.
  • Committed Use Discounts - you can purchase committed use contracts in return for deeply discounted prices. Committed time can be 1 or 3 years and the discount is up to 70%  depends on the used resource type. You can use CUD for VMs which are automatically counted also for Google Kubernetes Engine, Dataproc etc. You can also create CUD for CloudSQL and save 52% with a 3Y commitment. Those discounts are ideal for static workloads with predictable resource consumption over time. 

More details about Sustained Use Discounts a Committed use discounts.


We are seeing more and more focus on Security by our customers as the life is moving more and more online. It's not easy to protect the workloads that's why GCP is pushing the secure by default approach to helo customers to provide their services with lowest risk possible. But that is not enough and Google Cloud Platform offers a variety of security products that help customers to meet internal policies, regulatory, and business objectives. Once you will have your security standards in place for migration you can start focusing on new security layers to protect your workloads:

  • infrastructure
  • Network
  • Endpoint
  • Data
  • Identity and user management
  • Application
  • Security monitoring and operations
  • Governance, risk, and compliance

Data pipelines and analytics

Let your data do the talking explore the true power of your data and bring visibility to every situation. Looker & Google Cloud’s platform will help to deliver more through the use of strong, fresh insights.

But first, you need to build a reliable and scalable data platform. Starting with designing the flow of data from the source through transformations to the data warehouse. We can help you with those steps and recommend best practices and tools like Data Flow to process your streamed or batch data in a serverless, fast, and cost-effective way, Big Query what's a data warehouse which can be used in multi-cloud environments, and other than that it's serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective. All customers can get 10 GB storage and up to 1 TB queries/month free of charge what can help startups and SMBs to start collecting data and become data-driven at low cost.

Excellent case studies

Read about success delivered by migration to google cloud platform. all case studies can be found here: https://cloud.google.com/customers/

Conrad Electronic: Powering next-gen retail with BigQuery and Apigee API management

Conrad Electronic unifies 400+ internal system data sources on BigQuery to enhance reporting, analysis, and process automation; it uses Apigee to connect this data to key applications via APIs.

AccuWeather: Opening its APIs for new customers and new revenue

AccuWeather has evolved to offer JSON-formatted, easily cached, and highly efficient APIs that can handle the massive volumes of data required by the mobile world.

DM Group: Getting features launched faster for one of Italy’s data-driven pioneers

DM Group reduced its time to market by building a containerized infrastructure on Google Cloud, using Google Kubernetes Engine for automatic scaling and BigQuery for faster data analysis.

ADEO: Giving a global DIY leader the building blocks to become a digital home improvement hub

ADEO has built an application development platform on Google Cloud that enables employees to access resources faster, reducing time to market for applications that improve customer service.

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