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We can help to solve many problems on the way to the cloud to make it smooth for you. We can provide you with technical consultations on how to build and operate complex distributed systems, migrate your legacy applications, and build new cloud-native solutions on top of GCP. During the migration of a company to the Cloud we do leverage Google Cloud Adoption Framework.
We have clients with different requirements and we always need to see what's the best solution for our clients together with them to get maximum business value from the migration. 

Imagine a fast-growing company that is having a problem with serving its customers online. In this case, we will be using the cloud to help us serve all those customers and agree with a bit increased costs on the infrastructure level in exchange for satisfied customers and the speed of development and as an outcome, the company will gain market share faster. With this approach, we're creating technical dept and later on, we need to refactor the components to make them more efficient. 

Our second company is a stable business which is close to end of live of the current data center hardware/contract and after evaluation, they discovered that Cloud is a better way for them as it will enable new possibilities for the company, lower the costs and ease the TCO calculation for multiple departments and much more. The processes and systems in the company are critical to meet the SLA set by the business. In this case, the approach will be more about getting all stakeholders on board, preparing the detailed plan for all services and data. We would also establish training for the engineering department because they will need to re-work some of their systems and possibly learn a whole new way how to operate the applications and data. 

On those two examples, you can see that the requirements of the customers and expectations from the cloud are different and we at ACTUM Digital have an understanding of that. Our certified architects will help you on your journey to the cloud.

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Cloud assesment

Doing the cloud assessment right is crucial for success of whole migration. We're helping customers to minimize risks, reduce the costs, pick the right architecture and accelerate the migration success  by understanding and evaluation of current rather complex architectures and dependencies.


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Proof Of Concept

This phase is extremely important and resources consuming. We will help you to choose the first service to migrate to cloud, select the best Cloud Services available, and build whole pilot. This phase also contains building of supporting services, roles land processes to make sure your cloud workloads have good foundations.

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Data Migration

Once we will finish PoC we can move to the actual migration. Based on our experience and best practices we start with the migration of the data to the Cloud. Depends on the technology we will help you to smoothly migrate with ideally close to zero downtime.

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Application migration

Now as we have stable data sources in the Cloud we can move to Application migration. We are trying to pick the best technology for your current application and maximize the benefit for our clients. Our focus is to minimize costs, maximize scalability, and reduce operations. 

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Leverage the cloud

Once the migration of data and applications is done you can immediately benefit from using the Cloud Services. This is a post-migration phase where we will help you to find quick wins and correct settings for autoscaling, automation, and high availability. 

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Optimize and Evolve

Once your company adopted the cloud it's time to evolve to the next level and optimize migrated workflows. By optimizing your applications to a new cloud environment you will be able to scale more efficiently and use all features which GCP offers. The next area of focus for you should be better utilization and gathering of data to make better data-driven decisions across the whole organization.


Enterprise considerations

Consider the following questions for your organization:

Which IT responsibilities might change between you and your infrastructure provider when you move to Google Cloud?

How can you support or meet your regulatory compliance needs—for example, HIPAA or GDPR—during and after your migration to Google Cloud?

How can you control where your data is stored and processed in accordance with your data residency requirements?

Excellent case studies

Read about success delivered by migration to google cloud platform. all case studies can be found here: https://cloud.google.com/customers/

Conrad Electronic: Powering next-gen retail with BigQuery and Apigee API management

Conrad Electronic unifies 400+ internal system data sources on BigQuery to enhance reporting, analysis, and process automation; it uses Apigee to connect this data to key applications via APIs.

AccuWeather: Opening its APIs for new customers and new revenue

AccuWeather has evolved to offer JSON-formatted, easily cached, and highly efficient APIs that can handle the massive volumes of data required by the mobile world.

DM Group: Getting features launched faster for one of Italy’s data-driven pioneers

DM Group reduced its time to market by building a containerized infrastructure on Google Cloud, using Google Kubernetes Engine for automatic scaling and BigQuery for faster data analysis.

ADEO: Giving a global DIY leader the building blocks to become a digital home improvement hub

ADEO has built an application development platform on Google Cloud that enables employees to access resources faster, reducing time to market for applications that improve customer service.

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