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there are 3 top players in the cloud computing industry AWS, Azure and GCP. Despite GCP being the youngest to come to the market, it offers everything a customer might need along the way to leveraging cloud benefits. GCP has it all - from virtual computing, machine learning and storage solutions to data warehousing and deployment of containerized applications.

The efforts of GCP do not end with cloud solutions. Combining Google’s other products like Workspace, Maps, Chrome Enterprise creates an easy-to-adopt technology for your company.

Global presence

Google’s global presence lets you deploy resources in specific zones, regions and multi-regions. Pick the best possible option on any service that you might need on the journey of digital transformation. End users around the world will benefit from the GCP adoption with fast data provisioning.
144Network edge locations
200+available countries and teritories

Secure by default

When it comes to security with GCP you don’t have to trade-off between ease of use and advanced security. Google encrypts your data at-rest and in-transit which go hand in hand with other tools that protect your data, infrastructure as well as your customers. Furthermore, using Google IAM (Identity and Access Management) you are able to protect your resources and gain full control and visibility to manage Google Cloud resources centrally.

Enterprise with complex organizational structures, workgroups, and many projects will appreciate a unified view into security policy with built-in auditing to ease compliance processes.

GCP certifies its products against the most rigorous global security and privacy standards like ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018. Let Google Cloud secure your data while you reduce costs on operational overhead.

On top of passive security measures, GCP offers tools that help you actively protect your resources and data thanks to the Security Command Center. Be protected against malware, brute force attacks with event threat detection. Have your web free of cross-site scripting or insecure JavaScript libraries with the web security scanner that GCP provides. All that conveniently displayed in a Compliance dashboard or exported as a manageable CSV.


It does not matter whether your company works in healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, media, entertainment or gaming. With Google Cloud, you can customize solutions that tackle your toughest challenges. Google will guide you through compliance with regulations such as COPPA, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS. The products undergo regular independent verification of their security.

Google’s approach to giving back to the community is also reflected in the compliance offerings. Google shares information, best practices, and easy documentation with you so that you can decide what should concern you while developing your app.

Cost-effective, tailor-made solutions

In order to succeed in such a highly competitive industry, GCP offers great deals in the term of pricing. Preemptible machines are a great way to process data in batches. If your workloads do not require high availability you can save up to 80% in comparison with on-demand VMs.

On the other hand, if your workloads run a significant amount of time on Google Compute Engine or Cloud SQL each month, you are eligible for a discount of up to 30%.

If you have an experienced team of engineers you can be sure that they will make the code that runs in the cloud as effective as possible. You will appreciate that even more on GCP because the Virtual machines on Google Cloud are billed per-second. So you will pay exactly what you used, and no further.

Google took the saving even a step further and offers custom instances that you can tailor exactly to your needs.

Open & Flexible

Unlike the rest of the providers, Google Cloud is built upon open source technologies mainly because Google’s belief in an open cloud is their deep commitment to open source. More than 70% of new applications are built on open source. The developers are more likely to adopt an open-source technology which opens huge opportunities to your company when it comes to staffing. You do not have to worry about being solely reliant on a single vendor. With Google Cloud, you can truly focus on picking the best tech while still utilizing GCP great features like containerized development, machine learning, custom VMs, etc.

The possibility to choose among native, cloud, hybrid- and multi-cloud solutions helps Google not only to strive on a small and medium business field but also compete on the enterprise level. With GCP you do not lock yourself with services provided strictly by Google. Thanks to Anthos you can decide yourself what is the best fit for your solution because Anthos helps you run apps centered around Google but using other services from other cloud providers as well. Thanks to PaaS approach with Google Cloud’s Anthos the customer registered reduced time spent on platform management by 40% to 55%.

Do you like to keep an eye on your data yourself? No problem, GCP lets you use an on-premise database and provides fast and secure data transfer to your cloud.

Since 2017 there have been over 1,5M developers and business practitioners training completed. That creates a huge pool of possible hirings that are familiar with Google Cloud technologies. Furthermore, Google offers various certifications and study materials for numerous roles that come in contact with Google Cloud technologies. That will assure that your developers will use the Google Cloud technologies within a high-level of standard manner.

Making use of your data

Google Cloud’s machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities help you turn data into insights. With serverless analytics, you can make smart predictions or automate processes. With petabyte scale services the options of data processing, you are not limited on how much data you collect.
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