innogy SE announces ACTUM Digital as the Preferred Supplier for the Sitecore CMS

As a result of long-term and very successful cooperation and delivery, ACTUM Digital has been announced as the innogy SE preferred supplier for the Sitecore CMS.

innogy SE, an established European energy company, has chosen ACTUM Digital GmbH as their "Preferred Supplier for the Sitecore CMS" for the entire innogy Group. After three years of very successful cooperation between ACTUM Digital and RWE, and later innogy SE, ACTUM Digital achieved this award also thanks to the outstanding delivery of the Digital Future project, including the migration of “Meine innogy” to Sitecore at “There was much knowledge required – different technologies, multiple systems. This was not achievable without having a great team able to work in an interdisciplinary and international team set-up from the beginning,” says Carsten Dalquen, Country Manager Germany at ACTUM Digital.

The evaluation and selection of an innogy preferred supplier includes additional key indicators of quality, competitiveness, innovative services, service provider mentality and cooperation based on partnership with the innogy teams. “As only highly competent and efficient service providers are selected as preferred suppliers, we in ACTUM Digital are proud to become the preferred global development and implementation partner for the entire Sitecore landscape at innogy and to help them shape the future of energy,” says Tomáš Vondráček, CEO at ACTUM Digital.

Innogy a ACTUM Digital 


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