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Sitecore is the answer to all your digital presentations

Sitecore is a platform that allows you to have a great web presentation with an intuitive content management system that lets you edit your site from anywhere, at anytime, but also offers other options - such as digital marketing and everything related to it.

Gartner has announced, for the eighth time, the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ as the world leader in Web Content Management systems.

Sitecore - Gold implementation partner

We like challenges. Are you looking for a partner for an interesting project you are organising?

Why us?

ACTUM is one of the world's leading Sitecore partners

  • We have experience with implementation from medium to enterprise Sitecore solutions
  • We have over 10 certified Sitecore developers
  • We have won the prestigious Sitecore Site Award
  • Our team includes developers who are directly involved in Sitecore development
  • With our Sitecore specialists, we are one of the largest implementers of Sitecore
  • We are able to help not only with development and implementation, but our sister companies will guide you throughout the process of your company's digital transformation, including after-sales advice

We are one of the first in the world to receive certification in SITECORE 9!

Implementation in 60 states
MVP Digital Technologist & Strategist
Site of the Year 2015

Sitecore Commerce

What if you want to deliver a relevant and consistent customer experience to drive you revenue growth by leveraging the enterprise-grade capabilities of Sitecore Commerce?

Sitecore Commerce


“Actum Digital helped us a lot, because creating a new microsite for the event or product was costly. Not to mention that we have always been dependent on supplier capacities, which mostly resulted in late delivery or extremely long development times.  With the new microsite creation kit right inside Sitecore CMS, we are able to build a new microsite in one day. We simply add the blocks which should be on the page."
Daniel Černý | Digital marketing specialist | Linet

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