Front-End Team Lead

About ACTUM Digital 

ACTUM Digital empowers clients to achieve more with their digital platforms. 
We build websites, e-commerce solutions, back-end applications, and integrations; we provide consultancy and content services. 

We are building on a set of core values that help us guide our everyday decisions:

  • Trust
  • Partnerships
  • Leadership

Our clients are all over the world, and our team is diverse and fun to join.

About Business Unit Alpha

In BU Alpha, we build solutions based on KENTICO XPERIENCE and KENTICO KONTENT.

We are one of the leading partners in Europe and have the clear goal of becoming #1 in the world. Our team has achieved the highest levels of certifications in all Kentico products and has even won the global Site of the Year award. 
We stay humble and work hard towards our goal. We never give up and always remember that we are a team. 

What is the Front-End function about?

In Actum, the Front-End team provides the competence of front-end development to project teams and the support team. As a secondary goal, the team supports pre-sales efforts and building of visibility and network in general.

What stack do we use?

Our stack keeps improving. At the moment, the BU Alpha typically relies on the following:

  • CSS (including preprocessors: SCSS, Less; Styled Components; BEM; Bootstrap; responsive design; mobile-first)  
  • HTML (and templating languages: Nunjucks, Handlebars)  
  • JS (es5, es6, jQuery, React [Redux, Hooks], TypeScript, Flow, Jest)  
  • Bundlers/task runners (Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, NPM scripts)  
  • REST API  
  • Git (TFS)  
  • JIRA 

Our projects leverage Kentico technologies (Kentico Xperience MVC, Kentico Kontent)

What is the Front-End Team Lead role about?

The FE Team Lead is responsible for providing sustainably outstanding contribution of Front-End Team Members to the projects of BU Alpha.

  • The FE Team Lead is responsible for providing sustainably outstanding contribution of Front-End Team Members to the projects of BU Alpha.
  • Selection and leadership of the FE Team Members,
  • Performance management of the FE Team including own contribution,
  • Testing, selection and introduction of new processes and tools,
  • Alignment of the FE function with other business units at ACTUM Digital,
  • Active building of network of contacts, partnerships, alliances, and general contribution to global visibility of ACTUM Digital in the FE world 

What is a successful FE Team Lead like?

Nobody is perfect. Still, the perfect FE Team Lead for BU Alpha would be:

  • Resilient and driven to deliver. Showing emotional stability and acting decisively under stress and uncertainty. Able to lead the team in difficult times and keeping strategic focus even in chaotic situations.
  • True Leader. Showing integrity, empathy, consistency, and hope. A leader who creates a group of loyal followers. A leader who understands his or her team and individual team members as whole human beings. A person of uncompromised moral standards and consistent words and actions.
  • Strategic. Thinking beyond the needs of the next week. Leading the team towards a vision through a set of connected strategic steps.
  • Knowledgeable. Knows the everyday job of a front-end developer and, in most cases, is able to jump in and start coding.
  • Networked. A person who naturally establishes connections outside of the company and is ready to reach out for or provide external help whenever there is a need.
  • Pragmatically innovative. Combining curiosity, strategic thinking and business sense, the team lead tries and evaluates new approaches. He or she sensitively adopts only those that are contributing to the strategic vision. A good leader says “no” very frequently and for good reasons.

Our Team Leader never says:

  • “We will figure this out on our own, no matter what.”
  • “I don’t care; it’s their problem.”
  • “I don’t care what you feel; there is a deadline.”
  • “I don’t care about the deadline.”
  1. 01
    Flexible start and end of working hours, home office option
  2. 02
    5 weeks paid holiday
  3. 03
    Possibility to arrange a MultiSport Card
  4. 04
    Referral bonus
  5. 05
    Corporate bar with refreshments / meals for fair price, free fruit, coffee and tea
  6. 06
    Free English lessons with native english speaker
  7. 07
    Education and workshops, where we are regularly lectured by external and internal experts in the field
  8. 08
    We organize team events whether it's running, boats, BBQ, bowling, badminton and others
  9. 09
    You can enjoy discounts on sailing holidays
  10. 10
    Modern working environment

What we can offer you:

  • Agile development and new technologies
  • Promoting new ideas and individualism
  • Cool team full of colleagues always willing to give advice
  • Interesting projects for prestigious clients
  • Certifications of your choice within a tailored personal development plan
  • International environment with everyday use of English

Why ACTUM Digital:

  • We have been successfully operating on the market for over 20 years
  • We are a team of friendly enthusiasts and we like to try new technologies
  • We do not like unnecessary processes that slow us down and hinder our development

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