BloomReach Experience

BloomReach Experience, a platform previously known as hippo DX, is a user friendly system for creating and managing digital content.

It is a state-of-the-art solution for managing digital content.

It simplifies the work of marketing teams in the creation and provision of targeted and optimised content across channels for all visitors. It also offers great flexibility and an exceptionally powerful platform for IT departments with the aim of creating radically new (bleeding-edge) and broad-ranging digital experiences.

ACTUM Digital is a gold partner of BloomReach Experience in Germany


Our JAVA and React JS Delivery Team is currently preparing an eCommerce solution for Conrad Electronic.

Our implementation of Bloomreach Experience for Conrad.pl received the Website of the Year award at the e-Commerce Poland Awards 2017 in the medium to large e-shops category. We will implement this solution in 13 countries.

Understand existing and potential customers, plan customer routes and provide targeted and personalised content.

This platform enables you to monitor and analyse the behaviour of users and optimise performance in any context – on a website, mobile phones, social networks, applications, billboards or on devices using the internet of things (IoT). BloomReach Experience has been built on open-source foundations and uses API-first type architecture, thanks to which it can easily be integrated with existing systems and data sources to ensure unrivalled flexibility.

A very precise and targeted search system ensures your users receive precise answers to their questions.

It is in full accord with new legislation

It goes without saying that the new version respects the new GDPR legislation. ACTUM is a Gold Certified Partner for the BloomReach Experience platform in the DACH and Central European regions. For an important German client our Java & React JS Delivery Team is currently preparing a broad ranging eCommerce solution, which will be implemented in 13 countries.

Kentico - ecommerce

Content & Commerce

Today, shopping online is not just a commercial transaction, but also an important interaction with your brand. Relevant, consistent and personalised content is essential for relationships with customers, and maintaining their loyalty.

A comprehensive eCommerce solution in combination with a Content Management System enables the customer experience to be upgraded with optimised product pages.

Kentico EMS

Obtain better sales opportunities

The purchasing route today often begins and ends online, regardless of branch, country or customer. The connection of a traditional and online shop is an opportunity for data-driven content, rapid adjustment to changing market trends and customer requirements. 

BloomReach Experience with advanced targeting, automated marketing, Campaign Management and an eCommerce solution create a unified and transparent process generating demand.


Agile marketing

In today’s rapidly evolving digital environment, marketing cannot rely only on a large advertising campaign for which response times are often long. A fast reaction time is essential. The BloomReach Digital Experience platform is intended for agile marketing teams.

BloomReach Experience provides comprehensive analysis and individual targeting. This enables you to easily create and repeatedly use relevant and consistent content. You also have the opportunity to experiment with marketing during various interactions with customers.

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