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ACTUM Digital has been awarded the Kentico Quality Expert Award

The combination of the high-quality ACTUM Digital and Kentico CMS has made us one of the world's leading implementers of this technology.

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7 reasons why Kentico CMS is worth every penny

Are you looking for reasons to convince yourself that choosing the Kentico CMS solution is the right way to simplify site management?

Garnter magic quadrant for web content management 2018

All our strategic CMS partners placed superb in the 2018 Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

The 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management report offers a comprehensive overview of today’s web content management technologie.

Site of the Month Kentico

Our project ranks among the top 10 Kentico sites of the month

Komerční banka's website, which our ACTUM team developed, was announced by Kentico as one of the top ten web projects for July.

actumx bodyshopping

IT outsourcing: in other words, hire an expert.

The current situation of the personnel market clearly reflects the lack of IT professionals, which, unfortunately, may hamper further company development. How quickly do you acquire the required number of qualified IT staff?

Actum IoT smart office

Office of the Future? Take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) and arrange your own smart office according to our concept!

Using the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming more common in households, industries and also for infrastructure. Now, however, there is a big topic of IoT deployment in office buildings.

Prefferd supplier for the Sitecore CMS

innogy SE announces ACTUM Digital as the Preferred Supplier for the Sitecore CMS

As a result of long-term and very successful cooperation and delivery, ACTUM Digital has been announced as the innogy SE preferred supplier for the Sitecore CMS.


GDPR: The Tips to Reobtain Consent from Your Customer Database

Does your database contain contacts who have not granted their consent to receiving commercial communication? Below, we have compiled several tips for obtaining the necessary consents.

Sitecore Most Valuable Profesionals 2017

Sitecore has published the prestigious Most Valuable Professionals Award for 2017 that highlights the most active Sitecore Experts on its website.

ACTUM Digital and Kentico together at the B2B E-Commerce & E-Business event in Berlin

We will be attending the B2B E-Commerce & E-Business Conference in Berlin on May 15-16, together with our partner Kentico.

Why to upgrade to Kentico 11

Why to upgrade to Kentico 11?

Are you wondering if it is wise to invest in upgrading to the latest version of Kentico 11? Here are some reasons why the transition is beneficial and what benefits this upgrade has.

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Recently MongoDB 3.2 was released. Not too long ago I have written about the MongoDB 3.0 and its fantastic new WiredTiteger storage engine. So is it worth to upgrade to 3.2? Well… Absolutely!

List of IoT conferences 2018

We have selected for you a list of interesting European IoT conferences for 2018.

IoT Fridge

Does the fridge fulfill its essential function, or is it just a big white cabinet?

At Actum IoT, we decided to first check whether the fridge in our office still performs its basic function, i.e cooling.

Kentico cloud

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure is an open and adaptable cloud platform that allows you to quickly create, deploy and manage applications across Microsoft’s global data centre network. You can integrate your current IT environment with your public cloud applications to easily create new applications in different languages using different tools and frameworks.