ACTUMx IT developers

The right IT specialists now and here for you

ACTUM x provides IT outsourcing services and connects leading local, regional and global companies with experienced IT and Online Marketing experts.

Thanks to the synergy of ACTUM Digital group and a wide network of contacts, ACTUM x provides an effective solution in the digital world.

What if your project lacks the know-how, selected competencies or you simply need to rapidly expand your in-house team?

Use our portfolio of individuals or teams with development experience on a variety of platforms.

What if you want to increase the performance of your digital platform?

We have Online Marketing experts for personalization, emailing, analytics or Content Maintenance.

ACTUM x helps you to achieve your business and digital objectives in Czech Republic, Europe or wherever your business may be.

Contact us, we will help you with the right IT specialist for your team!

Models of cooperation

Technical Assistance

We will provide you with dedicated IT professionals equipped with skills and trained for a particular service. Thanks to the own sources of specialists on the technological labor market, we minimize the risks of selection processes, evaluation and conclusion of employment contracts.

This high level of competence is achieved with a continuous training program involving all consultants of the company.


We identify, hire and train for you professionals with competencies in an area where you have no experience, so they are 100% dedicated to your project from the beginning and bring your organization value from day one.

After a defined period, you can insource the competence by transferring ACTUMX consultants to your core staff.

Service dedicated team

We will provide a dedicated team to you with specific goals and timeframes that will work closely with your organization. It will monitor the fulfillment of the objectives set on a regular basis so that it can bring forward proposals for improvement.

Thanks to the fact that teams are provided directly to your organization, day-to-day interactions are enabled and confidential tasks and set goals are easily addressed.

Meet the team

David Dzesatnik

Dávid Dzesatnik

Managing Director Actum x

David has been providing his clients with top-notch permanent and contracted resources for over a decade.

David started with recruitment and client management during his university studies and has worked for leading regional and global recruitment and contracting companies.

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