Does the fridge fulfill its essential function, or is it just a big white cabinet?

The fridge is not only an indispensable part of every home, but also offices. One of the visionary examples of using the Internet of Things is a fridge that will know its contents and, if necessary, order the missing food. In the future, maybe. At Actum IoT, we decided to first check whether the fridge in our office still performs its basic function, i.e cooling.

The ideal temperature in a fridge is up to 5 ° C. We have connected a temperature sensor and a door sensor to the fridge. Thanks to that, we were able not only to measure the actual temperature in the fridge, but also the number of times the door was opened, including how long the door was open throughout the day.

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And what are the results of the experiment? Looking at the charts is not pleasant. The overfilling of the fridge and its frequent opening results in a temperature that sometimes even exceeds the 5 ° C limit. Even overnight, the fridge is not able to cool down enough. And, in some cases, the door was open during the day for almost a minute.

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Using IoT, we were able to react quickly and change the situation. We now save electricity, and, by helping their food actually retain its freshness, we were able to increase employee comfort.

Our example with the fridge is, of course, just a fun experiment. But even such trivial information, such as a device fulfilling its essential function or not, can yield valuable information. This information can lead to austerity measures, increased efficiency, and financial prosperity. Just get the important data.

Use technology for the benefit of the company. It does not matter whether the data is sent by a fridge, a freezer counter in the shop, or a production line. We in Actum IoT perceive the Internet of Things as a tool for discovering information that will actually lead to greater business efficiency.

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