Office of the Future? Take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) and arrange your own smart office according to our concept!

Using the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming more common in households, industries and also for infrastructure. Now, however, there is a big topic of IoT deployment in office buildings, where it will increase the comfort of employees and visitors while also saving considerable money on overhead charges for tenants and property managers.

Interaction between smart technologies and workplaces completely changes the view of how office buildings will work. Thanks to the Internet of Things, data can notify you that ordinary office supplies are running out and it is necessary to order, or a smart sensor can help you save a few thousand per year for heating.

Do you want an example?

You expect a client to visit. At the gate, he receives an entry card that leads him to a free parking space, and then the sensors will show him the way to the meeting room for a meeting. Of course, for employees, there is an application that will show and book a free meeting room before the meeting starts. The application also directs staff to free projectors or flipcharts. After the end of the meeting, the sensor turns off the room lights and turns on the air conditioning in the room and frees up space for other possible visits in Outlook. Does it sound like a science fiction? In the coming years, this will be the standard.

What are other IoT solutions in the office?

We have prepared the concept of a smart office. Take a look at the diagram that illustrates the unexpected situations in which IoT can make it easier for you to work.

smart office en

If you are thinking about putting the Internet of Things into your office, be very careful about the communication you will be using with your employees, as they may be afraid of violating their privacy. Openness and sharing of all important data security information is still the first priority. The IoT solution also includes security, so there's nothing to worry about.

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