How we design and invent new IoT solutions

Do you want to use the IoT solution in your company, but do not you know how to get started with an Internet of Things Project?

To give you a clearer idea we describe each phase of the project that we go through with each of our clients.

The basis is to define the goal you want to achieve using the IoT solution and the benefits that the IoT solution should give you.

Digital strategy

Concept preparation

We describe the user, data, physical, and material layer in detail so that we can prepare a business case and verify the concept.

The output is drawing and describing the structure of all key solution points, including calculations and theoretical verification of functionality.

Preparation of the concept takes about two weeks.

Bussines analysis

Proof of concept

Proof of concept is done predominantly in the lab where a physical model of the planned solutions and key technical parts according to investigate ideal scenario is assembled. 

This gives us a more accurate idea of the theoretical performance of the solution and the prototype parameters.

Proof of concept takes approximately two to three weeks.


Preparation of business case

In the business case, we describe the economic aspect of the project, including all layers of the solution (hardware, connectivity, data layer and presentation layer), and an estimate of the severity of deployment and service steps. 

We will evaluate the return on investment.



The prototype is a model solution that lets us test the solution in real-world traffic conditions. We will verify that the key parameters meet the requirements and prepare the final HW design solution.

The creation and testing of the prototype is dependent on the demands of the operating conditions and lasts at least two weeks.

Visual studio

Development of production versions

We will create a production SW version, third-party integration and an updated business case. In this step we are finalizing the development. An important part is a careful solution to security risks.

Working on the production version takes four to six weeks.

React native - oslovení

Ready to use

In this section, there is a planning and physical installation, expansion of the production version of the software, testing total solutions, KPI measurement and optimization if they do not meet initial expectations.

Depending on the complexity of planning, commissioning and subsequent installation and extent of the expected duration of this step is three to four weeks.

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