IoT technology 

IoT is a tool to solve your problems and needs for growth

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows you to have any data available anywhere, anytime. Whether it's a check of goods, real-time machine status and performance, or data needed to optimize production. Check out the layers of IoT technology that you have in mind and think about where a good opportunity would be to use your IoT.

The ACTUM IoT provides appropriate solutions. We do not offer any box solution, but we adapt IoT technology to your needs and conditions in your business.

What IoT technology consists of

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Physical Layer

A machine or object which is provided with sensors. Sensors not only collect performance data, but also, for example, its current status, capacity requirements, and other variables that are needed. And because the sensors are connected to the communications channel (IoT network), they are able to continue to send all data to the data layer.

Data Layer

A storage site in which the data transmitted by the sensors is collected, sorted and evaluated. The data is then sent to the presentation layer, in the device in which we want to further process the data, in the required range and format.

UX Layer

Is the part of any device or software in which the acquired data is displayed and evaluated. Also included are a clear dashboard and automation of alerts, all in real time.

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