Examples of the uses of an IoT solution

Increase production efficiency and reduce financial costs

  • Lighting control according to the intensity of natural light and movement of people
  • Regulation of air conditioning and ventilation based on the actual quality of the air in the room (classroom, office, industrial)
  • Predictive servicing of building machines based on telemetry data using machine learning.
  • Checking the movement of transport containers including information on operating parameters (temperatures, impacts)
  • Optimization of logistics paths in the factory based on current position and machine status data

Make life easier for customers

  • Remote control of heating and ventilation
  • Navigation to a free parking space and payment for parking online
  • Control office via mobile phone - includes meeting rooms, time sheeting, pay for lunch
  • Data from the sensors provide farmers information on the status and needs of their greenhouses, orchards or fields
  • Automotive fans can see detailed race car statistics in real time
  • The insulin level meter provides patients with online data

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