Web & Software Development

Web & Software Development

Discover Custom Web and Software Development from ACTUM Digital

At ACTUM Digital, we excel at team coordination and have the right support teams to help you implement, configure, code and learn about your custom software. We’re more than just an implementation company as we’ll work as your long-term digital partner by your side delivering the support you need.

An Experienced Software Partner

We have a long track record of working with companies across the globe to design, develop and implement software and other digital technologies. Whether you’re looking to improve an existing set-up or develop an entirely new one, we can provide the support you need to reach your desired result. We’ll work with you to understand your business goals and then develop custom software solutions, using our strategic technology partners, to meet these objectives and make it easier for your marketer to manage the system’s content by improving user experience.

Our Strategic Technology Partners

Kentico logoSitecore logo

We do more than just implement the software. We’ll help you create a digital strategy, design a technology platform for all customer touchpoints, streamline your e-commerce services, and optimize digital marketing campaigns. We’ll teach you about our solutions so you can confidently use them within your daily operations.
At ACTUM Digital, we care about providing superior customer service and achieving the best return-on-your investment so you can continue to grow your business. We’ll stand by your side to find the perfect solution for your company’s needs, goals and future success.

Agile Software and Web Development Services

We believe in supporting customers throughout their entire lifecycle. That’s why, we’ve designed a suite of agile, flexible services, using the right content management systems, to provide you with outstanding support. All our services can be completely customised to meet your unique requirements.
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Portfolio/Presentation Website

We’ll work with you to develop and implement web presentations, online service portals and mobile apps. Our custom portfolios or presentations will help to drive conversion rates by analysing the customer journey and developing a plan to help your business grow.
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E-commerce Solution

Any company that sells goods or services online needs a totally unique e-commerce solution as the digital ecosystem now prioritises data-driven customer experiences that can be scaled across many devices. We’ll help you navigate and launch e-commerce integrations and design, develop and implement online marketing tools using key technologies.
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Custom Website Application

We’ll meet with you to understand your company’s needs, pain points and end goals. We’ll then design a completely custom, tailor-made digital solution to help you achieve the best possible return on investment. Each solution is crafted to meet clients’ unique needs, which means we can also adapt the system to support and optimise your current infrastructure.

Supporting You Throughout the Entire Journey

With ACTUM Digital as your web partner, you’ll be supported throughout your entire software and web development journey. From inception, design to final implementation and after-care support, we’ll be there along the way to help you have the best experience possible.

Schedule a Call Today

Speak to one of our dedicated specialists to get started today. Whether you have a simple question or want a more in-depth consultation, we’d love to learn more about your business and how we can help. We’re happy to help, simply Contact us to capture the benefits of flexible, agile software & web development.

ACTUM Case Studies

Contact us about our case studies to discover more about our past partnerships and how we’ve helped businesses around the world achieve their goals.

cub cadet logo

Cub Cadet

Known for its innovative lawn mowers and tractor designs, Cub Cadet required an original redesign of their webpage. ACTUM Digital delivered unique designs and digital marketing consultancy to provide Cub Cadet with a modernized webpage.

innogy logo

innogy Intranet

Providing green power, smart grids and efficient home solutions, innogy required a complete digital transformation to engage its customer base and outcompete agile start-ups. Through the implementation of Sitecore XP, ACTUM digital efficiently delivered a tailored webpage including a personalized web experience. Now they deliver results which enable innogy to capture and personalize information.

panesco logo


Panesco is part of the La Lorraine group, the largest independent bakery group in Belgium. The new Panesco website increased brand awareness with greater engagement, providing features focusing on lead generation and attracting visitors with more relevant content. The whole project was finished within just 8 weeks – from the first wireframe to production website.

kb logo

Komerční Banka

Komerční Banka is one of the leading banking institutions in the Czech Republic, Central and Eastern Europe. Split into three different segments - Personal, SMB, Corporate, and government, the whole solution is integrated with more than 15 Komerční Banka systems to ensure proper operation, handling sales opportunities and many more critical business functions.

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