Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Achieve Digital Transformation with Actum’s Cutting-Edge IoT Service

Modernise your manufacturing, automotive or retail business with Actum IoT. As experts on digital transformation and IoT solution delivery, we’ll provide the support you need to make the process easy and straightforward. Here at ACTUM, we know how to take your business to the next level and deliver effective IoT solutions.

Discover an IoT Package that Supports Your Unique Needs

We specialise in providing outstanding customer service to help companies within the manufacturing, automotive and retail industries get set-up with a custom IoT package. Our highly trained IoT experts will work with you to understand your business’s goals, analyse your current system and deliver a unique IoT solution to match your needs.
With our custom-made solutions, you’ll gain deeper insights based on the data gathered from your equipment, and be able to make smarter data-driven decisions to accelerate your business’s growth. These insights will also help you achieve a greater level of efficiency and remain competitive within the modern marketplace.
We believe that modern technology allows us to solve common problems in the most efficient way. As such, our services are designed to address your day-to-day challenges and achieve the best results.

Capture Unparalleled Benefits with Actum IoT

  • Impartial Approach. We operate independently from vendors and platforms so our recommendations come from years of experience and place your needs first.
  • Full Lifecycle Support. Dedicated assistance throughout the entire digital transformation process, from strategy to implementation.
  • Experienced Providers. Proven track record of working with companies across the world to create custom IoT solutions.
  • Dedicated IoT Specialists. Our IoT team is available around the clock to serve you.

Improve Efficiency, Effectiveness and Safety with Actum IoT Services

We offer a range of IoT services to meet your unique needs and provide unbeatable value. Each service can be fully customised and adapted to fit your company’s requirements and long-term goals.
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Condition monitoring

Make any piece of analogue machinery “digital” to capture management data like the number of machine cycles, production times, type of outage, idle time, and more with condition monitoring. Data is then analysed to reveal insights for improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), efficiency or predictive maintenance. Most of our clients report at least a 20% increase in equipment utilisation.
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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Build an equipment network that can record, store and analyse operational data with Actum IoT OEE service. We then turn this data into easy-to-read visual graphs and dashboards so you can quickly view the overall effectiveness. SCADA dashboards allow managers to immediately check the status of their production lines and equipment or machinery health.
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Facial Recognition

Improve facility safety by installing a facial recognition that only provides access to your production facilities and equipment to authorised staff.
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Empty Shelves Recognition

Quickly identify empty shelves and receive an automatic notification so you can immediately restock. We use image recognition to monitor your shelves and replenish your most popular items as quickly as they leave the store, so you always have full shelves for your customers. Implementing this technology not only makes your business more efficient but also cuts down on the number of floor staff required.
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Location Services

Help your staff quickly find the equipment they need with our cutting-edge navigation tools. We use GPS and tags or anchors to accurately locate equipment within large outdoor spaces.

Start Your IoT Journey Today

Even Rome was not built in a day. Digital transformation, especially in traditional businesses like manufacturing, takes time and is a long-term process. We'll guide you throughout the entire process, step-by-step.
We'll support you to reach your business goals and fully implement the ideal IoT solution. Your customers and shareholders will love the result and your company’s ability to better meet their needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Speak to one of our dedicated IoT specialists to discuss your business goals and find out how we can help get you there. We look forward to helping you get started with IoT! We’re happy to assist, simply Contact us.

ACTUM Case Studies

Contact us about our case studies to discover more about our past partnerships and how we’ve helped businesses around the world achieve their goals.

cub cadet logo

Cub Cadet

Known for its innovative lawn mowers and tractor designs, Cub Cadet required an original redesign of their webpage. ACTUM Digital delivered unique designs and digital marketing consultancy to provide Cub Cadet with a modernized webpage.

innogy logo

innogy Intranet

Providing green power, smart grids and efficient home solutions, innogy required a complete digital transformation to engage its customer base and outcompete agile start-ups. Through the implementation of Sitecore XP, ACTUM digital efficiently delivered a tailored webpage including a personalized web experience. Now they deliver results which enable innogy to capture and personalize information.

panesco logo


Panesco is part of the La Lorraine group, the largest independent bakery group in Belgium. The new Panesco website increased brand awareness with greater engagement, providing features focusing on lead generation and attracting visitors with more relevant content. The whole project was finished within just 8 weeks – from the first wireframe to production website.

kb logo

Komerční Banka

Komerční Banka is one of the leading banking institutions in the Czech Republic, Central and Eastern Europe. Split into three different segments - Personal, SMB, Corporate, and government, the whole solution is integrated with more than 15 Komerční Banka systems to ensure proper operation, handling sales opportunities and many more critical business functions.

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