Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Unlock Your Potential with Digital Transformation Powered by ACTUM Digital

When it comes to achieving digital transformation, it’s completely normal not to know where to start. At ACTUM Digital, we specialize in guiding our clients through the entire process of digital transformation. We teach, assist and support you on your path to unlocking the full power of state-of-the-art technology - tailored to your business and processes.
As leaders in innovative digital partnerships, ACTUM Digital has the expertise and knowledge to support you. We use our proven step-by-step procedures for your digital transformation process. We use clear communication and a steady, yet sustainable pace. Regular reiteration will ensure meeting changing requirements with agility. This also means less risk for you and better control over expenses. Whether it’s
  • Increased sales and return-of-investment
  • Lowering of costs and risks
  • Or more seamless user experience
we’ll always strive to help you improve your existing business process and adapt them for the digital age.

Tackle Digital Transformation Step-by-Step with ACTUM Digital

Starting the digital transformation journey can be challenging. But the good news is that with the help from our digital business consultants, you’ll master the modern strategies and technologies. Our team of digital experts enables you to capture the full benefits.
We’ll start by getting on the same page with you. Together we identify how we can fast-forward your progress. We will work side-by-side to agree on the next steps - and how to achieve them. Our team of digital business consultants will create an innovative strategy that fits your business. They will guide you through the digital transformation journey step-by-step.
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Our Digital Transformation Services

We tailor our cutting-edge digital transformation services to your business’s needs. This is what we offer:
Digital Technology & Processes Strategy. We’ll conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current digital system. By evaluating your business processes, we identify any areas for improvement and opportunities. As a result, we can offer clear recommendations and implementation options. After we have agreed on a plan, we assist with implementation and roll-out.
Depending on you and your business’s needs, this can include:
  • Establishing new, agile processes to improve your internal collaboration
  • Recommending which technology fits your needs and implementing it for you
  • Step-by-step training and consulting through the entire process
Governance, Risk & Compliance Study. With an eye towards the future, our dedicated digital business consultants will assess the opportunities for your upcoming projects. We'll identify promising entry vectors - as well as how to mitigate any potential risks. We conduct detailed feasibility studies, investment costs and propose promising roadmaps for your journey. With this detailed analysis, you will be able to estimate and avoid the project's potential risks, as well as keep in complete control of costs.

Custom-Made Digital Transformation Strategy

One of the amazing benefits of an agile methodology is the flexibility it brings to the digital transformation. When you choose to work with ACTUM Digital, we’ll provide an agile transformation strategy unique to your business’s needs.
Throughout the evaluation, we'll work with you on establishing a tailor-made approach to your goals. The path to your digital transformation is dynamic, granular and modular - and it needs to be. Platforms and business models grow and evolve rapidly. Upcoming and innovative technologies will disrupt entire industries. Technological ecosystems change on a whim. We enable you to remain competitive and scalable - we enable you to be ready for the future.
From the initial evaluation to the final implementation, we'll be available around the clock. And with us on your side, you’ll transform your business into a digital-forward, competitive and innovative Global Player in no time.
ACTUM Digital will be there to make sure it's as straightforward and easy as possible.

Embark on Your Digital Transformation Journey Today

Interested? Contact us and speak to one of our dedicated digital business consultants today to get started.

ACTUM Case Studies

Contact us about our case studies to discover more about our past partnerships and how we’ve helped businesses around the world achieve their goals.

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Cub Cadet

Known for its innovative lawn mowers and tractor designs, Cub Cadet required an original redesign of their webpage. ACTUM Digital delivered unique designs and digital marketing consultancy to provide Cub Cadet with a modernized webpage.

innogy logo

innogy Intranet

Providing green power, smart grids and efficient home solutions, innogy required a complete digital transformation to engage its customer base and outcompete agile start-ups. Through the implementation of Sitecore XP, ACTUM digital efficiently delivered a tailored webpage including a personalized web experience. Now they deliver results which enable innogy to capture and personalize information.

panesco logo


Panesco is part of the La Lorraine group, the largest independent bakery group in Belgium. The new Panesco website increased brand awareness with greater engagement, providing features focusing on lead generation and attracting visitors with more relevant content. The whole project was finished within just 8 weeks – from the first wireframe to production website.

kb logo

Komerční Banka

Komerční Banka is one of the leading banking institutions in the Czech Republic, Central and Eastern Europe. Split into three different segments - Personal, SMB, Corporate, and government, the whole solution is integrated with more than 15 Komerční Banka systems to ensure proper operation, handling sales opportunities and many more critical business functions.

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