Telligent – community sites for customer experience

Telligent is a software platform developed by Verint for building large public or private community sites.

Telligent can be used as a public community for efficient customer support and involvement of your clients in your digital marketing. Telligent also provides the possibility to build a private community to increase employee productivity or, for example, improve communication between partners and clients.

Telligent has a number of native applications ready to be used, e.g. galleries, calendars, forums and blogs. It also offers features such as likes, ratings and comments. Everything is presented in the form of pre-prepared widgets and own logic. This enables content editors to build your community site without the need for programming.

Telligent has a nice and intuitive user interface where you can easily build and subsequently manage your community. The entire web structure can be modelled in the form of drag and drop widgets. Individual widget design can be customized in Telligent Widget Studio by importing custom CSS styles. In Telligent administration, you can also find a wide range of features such as abuse management, email templates, rights-level setting for system roles and users, reporting and community member scoring.

ACTUM has created the MyOlympus community site for 27 countries which brought together 200,000 enthusiastic photographers. ACTUM is also the only certified implementation partner in the region with Telligent and Sitecore technology integration experience.

Kentico - support

Customer support

The main advantage of using Telligent Community as a customer support system is immediate reduction in support costs.

Up to 75% of customers look for a solution to their problem online. Telligent Community will allow your clients to share both problems and their solutions with others. This will help them quickly and efficiently find answers to frequently asked questions and evaluate their benefits through social features such as likes, ratings and the „This helped me“ feature.

Kentico EMS

Digital marketing

Community sites are an important source of your potential customers and one of the possible tools to care for your existing customers. Using blogs, discussion forums and other applications, community members create a wealth of unique content that moves your brand to the top of search results and increases the chance for new clients to come.

In addition, community-based customers spend 24% more than non-community customers.

Employee or member communities

Increase the efficiency of cooperation among the members of your teams by sharing know-how through discussion forums, Wiki or Challenges. Using Telligent Community, you can also support and improve workplace relationships by giving your employees space for sharing interests and planning leisure time activities.

Private communities can also serve as a secure means of communication with partners and clients, and they are used, for example, by banks and technology companies.

MyOlympus brought together 200 000 photographers from over 27 countries

MyOlympus social platform

OLYMPUS decided to create a community site for enthusiastic photographers from across Europe where they can share their interests with other digital photography fans, get inspiration, upload their photos, like and comment on other people’s work. To achieve its goal, OLYMPUS chose the Telligent Community platform.

The actual MyOLYMPUS social network allows the company to better understand how customers use OLYMPUS products and communicate with them.

ACTUM designed a community site solution in which 7 local versions were created for individual regions. This allows users to access all information, descriptions and comments in their local language. At the same time, however, they can view the content of all European galleries.

Project phases

In phase 0, user registration, product registration and benefit activation were implemented. The entire system was integrated with the internal SAP CRM and the product information system.

In phase 1, we implemented the Gallery out-of-the-box application that allows users to upload, rate and comment on photos. We also created custom galleries, called Contests, where the uploaded photos are rated and the winner is subsequently awarded a prize.

In phase 2, we implemented an online request to lodge complaints or send products to be repaired. Additionally, we added native blogs and forums that improved communication among community members, making it easier to group customers with the same area of interest. The biggest change at this phase was the use of event calendars that were tailored to the client’s specific needs. Calendars allow all members of the community across Europe to create events, and the implemented workflow enables administrators to control these events. 

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