React Native

Why use React Native for mobile and web apps?

React Native is a framework for developing native mobile and web apps by Facebook that has been used by progressive modern companies to effectively reach out to their customers on all available devices using a single shared code for all apps.


Save on app development

You no longer need to develop separate apps for iOS, Android or the web. In React Native you only need one developer team to create one shared code for all apps, which significantly reduces the cost of the production of mobile and web apps.

Optimize your production cost of sales presentations or flyers. Using an app, you can effectively establish new interactions with all customers, consumers or sales representatives who use a smartphone, tablet, computer and currently even a smart TV or watch.

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Reach out to your customers quickly

React Native delivers the possibility of instant updates on all platforms, for example, in a product catalogue where you can deliver new products, change the prices or stock availability.

Take advantage of the online sales form that allows customers to choose products or services based on their needs and directly conclude a contract.

Replace customer cards with an app and start collecting shopping habits of your existing and new customers online.

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One shared code for all devices

Present your brand, products and services on all smart devices thanks to easy adaptation of the look of each app to the specific requirements of the platform and the device.

The result of React Native is a full featured app that is installed by default through AppStore or Google Play.

You no longer have to wait to receive any fixes, changes or updates at AppStore or Google Play thanks to CodePush.

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Our experiences

We are a team of 10 full-stack JavaScript developers and we have finished hundreds of projects and the number is still increasing. We work for both local and international clients from the fields of retail, e-commerce, financial sector, public services, consumer electronics, property management and IoT.

ACTUM has recently created a HORECA hub where, together with experts, clients and startups from across Europe, it implemented a React Native application that offers services to support  the activities of entrepreneurs in the HORECA segment (hotels, restaurants and cafés).

We are currently working on the overall e-commerce solution for Conrad in Germany and yacht-chartering company ZINDULKA.
5 years of development applications
10 Full-Stack JavaScript developers
50+ mobile and web applications

We also use other technologies

React Redux


React is a rising star in the development of interactive web applications. At ACTUM, we have our own devstack that we use when starting any new project. We combine React and Redux, adding new features such as RxJS Observables.



Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for creating single-page applications. It allows you to quickly create a prototype, and it has also proved to be useful in developing complex applications. 



Node.js is a modern platform for developing scalable web applications in JavaScript. Node.js works great with MongoDB databases and can be easily deployed in the cloud such as AWS, Azure or Heroku.

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