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We are an experienced international team of nine Full-Stack JavaScript developers who develop for all three platforms: front-end, back-end and mobile applications. We work with modern technologies, in particular React Native, React & Redux, Angular and Node.js.

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ACTUM React.js courses for beginners

React Javascript library has been released 4 years ago and still nowadays becomes more popular in the web and mobile development.

Andrei Fidelman, Full-Stack JavaScript Developer, ACTUM have prepared 7 lessons to help developers and managers to understand When, How and Where to use this tool.

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React.js 1st lesson

React Native 2nd lesson

React 3rd lesson

4th lesson


6th React lesson

7th React lesson

Presentations about React Native

We prepared for you React in browser, mobile and server in the end of march. We presented modern development of mobile and single-page applications in JavaScript. We showed live demo of React Native, server-side rendering, Firebase DB.

Presentation is available here.

We are prepering next presentation due to your enourmous interest in next weeks.

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Our experience

The team has long worked on  applications for both local and international clients from the fields of retail, e-commerce, financial sector, public services, consumer electronics, property management and IoT.

ACTUM has recently created a HORECA hub where, together with experts, clients and startups from across Europe, it implemented a React Native application that offers services to support  the activities of entrepreneurs in the HORECA segment (hotels, restaurants and cafés).

We are currently working on the overall e-commerce solution for Conrad in Germany and yacht-chartering company ZINDULKA.
5 years of development applications
10 Full-Stack JavaScript developers
50+ mobile and web applications

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