React Native

Use React Native for your effective project

React Native, which was developed by Facebook, is a framework for developing native mobile applications. This progressive technological trend was immediately followed by companies like Instagram and Airbnb.

The main benefit of this technology is the development of one shared code for all platforms (iOS, Android, web).

React Native offers the possibility to develop applications for phones, tablets, and web, and recently also applications for television and smart watches.

React Native - projekt

Do you have an interesting project?

React Native will save your costs of development and management of mobile and web applications. 

Development on one code for all devices will enable you to launch the application quickly.

We have 5 years of experience with applications for finance, retail, eCommerce, public services, or IoT.

React Native - prednasky

Presentation about React Native

Follow ACTUM React.js courses for beginners.

React Javascript library has been released 4 years ago and still nowadays becomes more popular in the web and mobile development.

We have prepared 7 lessons to help developers and managers to understand When, How and Where to use this tool.

React Native - vyzva

Do you like challenges?

Are you interested in the application development for big players?

We are a team of 9 full-stack JavaScript developers and we have finished hundreds of projects and the number is still increasing.

We love modern technologies, especially React, React Native, Node.js and Angular.

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