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Make the most of automated email marketing

What if you could reach customers at any stage of their life cycle using an automated campaign? We know how to do it. We have experience in strategic management, implementation and email management for large companies such as MAKRO and Rossmann. We provide comprehensive email marketing management for Zindulka, bringing 17% of online sales amounting to more than EUR 200,000 after six months.

Email marketing

Why email marketing?

Email marketing plays a key role in keeping existing customers and offering other services. Customers appreciate a personalized approach, i.e. a form of communication respecting their preferences.

In eCommerce, for example, email marketing accounts for up to 30% of online sales, half of which is generated by automated campaigns with customized offers. We use a large amount of data to accurately target them.

Emailing team

Emailing team

Our team has experience with medium-sized and large clients. We will design your overall strategy, selecting the most appropriate emailing tool and providing comprehensive implementation.

We have a sophisticated system of follow-up steps that enables us to gradually guide you from the absolute basics to 1 to 1 omnichannel marketing automation.


Customer segmentation

In collaboration with the data team, we analyse your customer database, identifying important information.

We define which customers are likely to leave, as well as your most loyal customer or the value of customers depending on the source and the year of acquisition. This determines the style and frequency of communication with different segments of customers not only in email marketing.

We like challenges. Are you looking for a partner for an interesting project you are organising?



Smart email marketing

The introduction of IBM Watson Campaign Automation enabled Zindulka to create automated programmes that increase sales. Six months after ACTUM+ took emailing under its management, emails accounted for 17% of online sales, which amounts to more than EUR 200,000.

Integration of IBM Watson Campaign Automation with the website based on the CMS Kentico and CRM Salesforce platforms enabled the sales teams to find out what a particular customer looks at on the website.

Integration of these platforms also greatly helped the marketing team with micro-segmentation and special offers.


Emailing implementation

We have long been providing complete implementation of email communication for ROSSMANN. Using data analyses, we defined recipient segments, based on which ROSSMANN can efficiently create suitable content and be relevant in communication with its customers.

Thanks to interesting content and precise targeting, the regular newsletters, Akční leták (Special Offers Leaflet) and Rossmánek (Little Rossman), steadily maintain a high open rate and a very low bounce rate. By setting detailed distribution reporting and regular maintenance of the contact database, we are able to reduce client costs while increasing the business performance of emails.


Emailing strategy

MAKRO organizes special offers and other emailing campaigns every two weeks. We send up to 100 campaigns a month. One of the company’s goals is to reduce the cost of their distribution while increasing their efficiency.

Email communication is therefore based on customer segmentation and relevance of product offerings. The appropriate strategy, optimization of the distribution process and its effective execution have demonstrable impacts on the long-term improvement of business results.

Modern emailing technology

Business Partner IBM

IBM Watson Campaign Automation

One of the most advanced tools available today, which is very flexible and includes many features for advanced implementation of email campaigns. We consider the sophisticated automation of emails to be its greatest advantage, allowing us to reduce costs in the long run. Prepared integrations with CRM systems and significant technologies enable comprehensive omnichannel campaigns.


optivo® broadmail

It is a robust solution for email marketing software, offering great performance, flexibility and reliability, especially when executing large distribution volumes. It is one of the few technologies to have a sophisticated user interface that makes it easy to create email templates without the need for programming capabilities.
Vase technologie

Your technology

Thanks to our extensive experience and other emailing technologies such as MailChimp or Kentico, we can help you choose the most suitable technology that best suits your digital transformation needs.

Our team

Jan Špacír

Senior Emailing Automation Consultant

Jan specializes in smart emailing and has experience as a consultant, supplier and client. He mainly works with robust IBM Watson Campaign Automation (formerly Silverpop) and optivo® broadmail technologies. The combination of client and agency experience helps him design efficient solutions. However, he doesn’t live only for his work – in his free time, he enjoys running and flies all over the world.

Pavel Valc

Pavel Valc

Senior Emailing Consultant

As a specialist and emailing consultant, Pavel specializes in smart email marketing. He has experience with robust IBM Watson Campaign Automation (formerly Silverpop) and optivo® broadmail technologies. A combination of technical knowledge and empathy helps him easily identify clients’ needs and design the right strategy to achieve maximum business performance.

Tomas Kupka

Tomáš Kupka

Emailing Consultant

Tomáš has worked in all areas of both offline and online marketing and, thanks to his experience of managing a small business, he is able to recognize and pinpoint clients’ needs. In recent years, he has been focusing on emailing campaigns, which he considers to be a comprehensively interconnected communication channel. He aims to automate emails as much as possible. He likes sports and travelling, and there are probably no areas that he doesn’t find interesting in some way or other.

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