New Kentico 11 Is Here!

The new version of the popular all-in-one CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing Platform, now in the Kentico 11 version, is here, and it brings a lot of interesting enhancements. Not only that developers will be able to work faster thanks to them, but also content administrators and marketers will be able to manage their projects more easily and efficiently.


E-mail Marketing

One of the enhancements that will be appreciated especially by marketers or online specialists sending bulk e-mails and newsletters is the E-mail Builder. With drag-and-drop functionality, you now have the ability to create an e-mail without having to know the html code. Also, the improved preview function in your browser will ensure that you can check your e-mails before sending them in bulk.


Certified U-commerce Extension

Interconnection with U-commerce, which can now be used within the Kentico user interface, is one of the important certified extensions of Kentico 11. This module allows, for example, for managing products in one place, creating structured product catalogues, and then assigning them to sales channels. Therefore, you can sell one product with different prices in multiple sales channels without a need to create unique shops for each region or brand. This extension is ideal for e-shops of global companies that need to create several product catalogues with different prices per product, accept multiple payments, or, for example, refund payments. For local e-shops with lesser demands, Kentico e-commerce solution would be sufficient.

Rozšírení Ucommerce pro Kentico 11 

Data Protection

In support of the latest EU-GDPR general personal data protection regulations, which will come into force during May 2018, Kentico developed the Data Protection App for EMS. This application should simplify your GDPR preparations. For example, you will be able to export all the data collected on your visitors to other systems in the XML format or, alternatively, provide them to users upon request.

When deleting user data, you also have the option of selecting data you want to permanently delete from the system and data you want to keep. It will also allow you control over where you show data collection information to users on the website.


Faceted Search

Faster and easier website searching is another enhancement that will be appreciated especially by e-shop visitors, thanks to Kentico's connection to Azure Search. It takes the page indexing load from servers or other sources running your Kentico website and transfers it to cloud sources. Kentico 11 now also allows for so-called multi-filtration where users can select multiple filters at once to get more accurate product information.



In addition to the aforementioned enhancements, Kentico 11 brings a number of improvements to technical features that will be appreciated the most by your developers. Overall, the new version looks good, and we cannot wait for its further development and utilization in practice.